Computer Upgrade ?


I am hoping I can get some advice on upgrading my computer.

I currently have a:

HP Envy 17T-k000

Intel i7
Intel HD 4600 Graphics ( which if i understand correctly, thats built in to the motherboard)
16gb of ram
1tb of memory

It runs most of my programs decently enough but hoping to get a boost, especially when rendering. Which from what i understand is mainly the processor. 

I am hoping upgrading my graphics card( even though I read, I dont really have one... ) and bu doing so, see some improvement in my overall computer operations. 

Wondering if there is any advice out there for my problem. Is there a external graphics card? All i see is external graphics amplifiers, I dont think that is the same thing... I dont know though. 

I hear having 4gb for just graphics is pretty good, do I have that opportunity with my current laptop ?

Jun 23, 17 8:02 pm

You are not going to be able to upgrade a laptop's processor or graphics card.  The most you can hope for is upgrading your hard drive to an SSD if it isn't one already.  

Jun 23, 17 11:47 pm
Your processor is fine - though you did not state the speed, most any i7 is likely fast enough for your purpose. You need a dedicated video card to render quick. 1GB is the minimum industry standard currently. And no you cannot externally attach it. Build a new PC tower if you want to upgrade as you go.
Jun 24, 17 1:04 pm
Also you don't have 1TB of memory, it's storage. RAM is memory. Learn the terminology to avoid getting fleeced upon your next purchase.
Jun 24, 17 1:06 pm

Opps, Thanks for catching the typo regarding the 1tb of storage. 

Thanks for the help. I was hoping on something like the devil box.

Jun 24, 17 7:36 pm
Interesting. Didn't know they made such a thing. . NVIDIA has dedicated support for OpenGL used in rhino and tends to be the preferred option if that's what you're using. Though Radion isn't bad either. Assuming you have a thunderbolt port perhaps this is your best bet. Still more bang for buck over time to build a tower but the external will work. I sure wouldn't want to lug that thing around.
Jun 24, 17 11:47 pm

Absolutely, I think I have convinced myself to just build a tower. Rhino is my preferred program and I know things will go more smoothly with a fresh start. 

Thanks again!

Jun 25, 17 12:47 pm

With computer hardware, an upgrade is a term that describes adding new hardware in a computer that improves its performance. For example, with a hardware upgrade.

Nov 9, 19 5:41 am

Any other update?  WalgreensListens

Nov 10, 19 7:02 am

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