Question about in room bathroom



Not an architect here, trying to figure out a floor plan for 2000 ft2 (200 m2)  home, secondary bedroom should be 13' x 13' (4x4 m),

Is fitting this bedroom with a bathroom a good idea to save space ? 

Or is 13'x13' too small for a bathroom?


Jun 19, 17 1:16 pm

assuming a full bath, you can make that as small as 5'x8'

bedroom gets small below 10'x12'

Jun 19, 17 1:20 pm
Non Sequitur

Consulting starts at $300/hr. $400/hr for those trying to score free services.

Jun 19, 17 2:26 pm

if you have to ask you are probably not saving yourself any money by drawing a floor plan yourself.  Save everyone a lot of time and let a professional do it rather than re-drawing everything that you are working on

Jun 19, 17 3:15 pm

Two buckets should suffice. One if space is tight.

Jun 19, 17 3:53 pm

Look at you with all your fancy indoor plumbin' and stuff.

Jun 19, 17 4:00 pm

Aaah, the good old classic hostile reply that the majority of users in this site are fond of.

Jun 19, 17 4:08 pm
Non Sequitur

It's not our fault this site attracts cheapskates.


The usual layout for houses is to have one master suite with a bedroom, closet, and bathroom. The other two or three bedrooms share a common bathroom.

When you get into the luxury segment, each bedroom has its own bathroom.

That doesn't mean that you couldn't have another master suite in the house. It's just unusual. It would be useful in a situation where there are multiple generations living in the same house. The parents would use the master suite. The grandparents would use the other master suite. The children would use the rooms with the shared bathroom.

Jun 20, 17 9:37 am

Since you are doing this yourself, go into a bathroom you like.  Measure it. 

Jun 20, 17 11:25 am

The thing to do that I've seen recently is to put a toilet, sink, and tub right into your bedroom. Saves space. Saves time over and over again.

Jun 20, 17 12:10 pm

Put the toilet at the dining table, saves time.


just put a urinal on the wall and plumb it to spill down the side of the house.  

Jun 20, 17 12:28 pm

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