Cloud? File management? Revit? Solopreneurs?


Hi Archinectees,  I want to set up a firm that is primarily cloud based with people working remote, based on the project (solopreneurs).  I want all my files cloud stored, and people remote in.  Would you recommend Google Drive or Dropbox?  Knowing there is a potential for Revit problems, should I also set up a 360 account for just that purpose.  I do not want to be tied to an office as this will move away from my business model.  Shout out to anyone who has great recommendations. Thank you.

Jun 18, 17 1:23 pm

Keeping the model on the cloud is like giving away the store. 

Jun 18, 17 7:47 pm

The problem with what you are suggesting is that it's really just file storage. 

The approach used by many firms (mine included) is to have their own servers that people access via remote desktops and just do everything there. That way the software, the power to run it, the files, and all the people are all in the same place virtually. I don't even have revit on my actual computer at work...

Jun 18, 17 8:31 pm

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