Woodbury San Diego vs NewSchool of Architecture

I have been accepted to both schools.  Can anyone give me the Pros and Cons of each?  I need to make a decision and I do want to continue my education in San Diego.

Please advise.


Jun 2, 17 8:56 pm

I go to Woodbury in SD. 


It's a very small tight-knit program, kind of like a family atmosphere, everybody knows each other, if you like that

The faculty is usually readily available and very helpful, no huge starchitect egos here.

You are free to transfer between the SD and Burbank campuses, the LA campus is almost like a different school entirely in terms of the student work (more abstract)


Like I said, it might be too small for your taste. Our campus is not located in the best area of SD (Barrio Logan) in an old warehouse with a dirt parking lot (NewSchool doesn't have a parking lot at all). The University is going through some "problems" and there has been lots of issues with things like the Wi-Fi and Printers. 

As for NewSchool, I don't know much about them other than they are a for-profit school with a very aggressive marketing team (I still get emails and calls from them!) Their facilities are pretty nice, but I found the quality of the student work there to be subpar compared to Woodbury

Jun 19, 17 5:17 pm

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