Best Teachers at GSAPP MSAAD


I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the crop of professors teaching at GSAPP this summer and if you recommend anyone in particular:

Enrique Walker (MSAAD director)

Ziad Jamaleddine (Left architects)

Cristina Goberna Pesudo

Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang

Andres Jaque

Nahyun Hwang, David Moon

Dan Wood (Workac)

Mariana Ibanez

Mark Rakatansky

Hilary Sample

Leslie Gill, Michael Jacobs

Karla Rothstein


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)

May 9, 17 3:07 pm
Non Sequitur

You forgot visiting professor Richard Balkins.

May 9, 17 3:42 pm  · 
Sam Archi

So what did you think about  Cristina Goberna Pesudo? i have her this spring semester

Dec 27, 21 4:50 pm  · 


Dec 27, 21 8:30 pm  · 

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