I have recently accepted a position at a small firm that works in Archicad, though I have next to no experience in it, as I have been working mostly in Rhino and Revit for academic and professional projects. Do you have any recommendation for tutorials that can help me learn Archicad quick?

I understand there are a ton of tutorials out there, I just am curious if anyone has any prefered tutorials, websites, etc.



May 2, 17 4:36 am

the graphisoft website has training coursework. you can download a trial version of archicad. the training will take you through an example project.

May 2, 17 9:49 am

Also if you're coming from Revit, you'll be fine. The firm I'm at uses ArchiCAD and most of us that came from Revit picked it up in no time. There are differences, but stairs still suck. 

May 2, 17 10:47 am

Youtube channels here and here

May 2, 17 2:13 pm

I would also add Shoe Gnome to the list. It is very similar to Revit - there are things that I prefer of each.  I worked for a small firm for a little while that used it and so I had to adapt.  The firm actually used it in a more watered down 2D way but by following Shoe Gnome and Eric Bobrow, I was able to to come up with efficient and very quick modeling techniques.

May 2, 17 10:13 pm

Hi! to all you guys that worked on revit and then switched to archicad, could you elaborate on your opinions about both software? now that you know both, which one would you prefer if you opened your own practice?

Would you say that both software can handle the same type of projects or that each is suited best for some kind of work?

do you find that you can model something in one of them that you cant in the other (without Rhino!)

Hope you are not bothered by all these questions, but is not easy to find people that have actually used both.  



Jun 18, 17 9:59 pm

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