Mackintosh vs. Aarhus vs. Sheffield


I got accepted to the three universities that I've applied to for my MArch, and would like some help to make up my mind. I'm already leaning towards Mac but any information would be really helpful as I only have a week to decide! Thank you!

Mac has a great reputation (from what I've heard) but is small (less potential for connections?) However, it allows students to choose a pathway within the MArch which is cool. I've chosen the digital creativity pathway.

Sheffield has the Live Projects program which allows students to work with actual clients so that's interesting and it's obviously a big school, also one of the top in the UK.

Aarhus also has a great reputation and allows students to choose certain programmes/pathways.

Any extra info?

Apr 19, 17 8:17 am

Hey sgmardini , 

Have you got an acceptance from aarhus already? I thought the final decision comes out next week?

Apr 21, 17 9:27 am

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