Best Laptops for Revit and AutoCAD?

I'm am attending college next year for Architectural Technology and I am trying to find a good laptop for drawings! Don't worry I'm no person who wants to do architecture because it sounds cool but because it is. I have competed the past 2 years in the Residential Construction Management Competition and placed 4th place both years so if that doesn't prove it I don't know what will. But anyways thanks and hope you all can help!
Apr 3, 17 3:47 pm

I would start with a google search, second, do you live in some remote area? whats wrong with visiting the local computer shops asking the techs what do people usually purchase to do cad? then use those specs as a reference?

Apr 3, 17 3:58 pm

I like the Lenovo T series or if you have a bigger budget Lenovo W series. If you're commuting, don't buy larger than 15.5" LCD screen, it's a pain to bring to around all day to your other classes, which in turn makes you lazy to bring it. I have a Lenovo T440p, 1920 x 1080 screen on a 14" LCD monitor.

Jan 20, 18 10:30 pm

I just purchased this:

I run revit 2018.  Im happy so far

Jan 23, 18 11:49 am

asus rog gaming laptops are good.

upgrade the video card. upgrade to windows pro, its more stable. max out the memory either when you purchase or by adding on after purchase.

upgrading the internal storage is a waste of $, external storage is a very affordable option.

Jan 23, 18 12:02 pm

Check out MicroCenter  their  powerspec laptop with a 1070gtx graphics card 500gb ssd and 1tb drive, for 1200 bucks

Jan 23, 18 8:58 pm

As you are undergrad architecture student. So you will need it later also, and technology is changing everyday. As per your requirement you need to buy latest processor with higher ram capacity. This guide maybe help you.

Nov 29, 19 7:22 pm

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