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I've been offered admission to the graduate architecture programs at Syracuse, Michigan, Rice, and UT Austin. I'm unsure of how to narrow these down and prioritize school visits given my current schedule at work. I'd appreciate feedback from an alumnus or current students knowledgeable about these programs!

Mar 21, 17 12:17 am

Four well respected options. Obviously the nature of the program matters, but maybe less than that other thing... Price.

So, did you get scholarships? Can you get in-state tuition? What is the base price, and what will be your total debt? (don't forget to consider cost of living while you're there too)

Odds are one of them will shine through this test as a front-runner.

Mar 21, 17 12:38 am
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Pick the school that will cost you less. UT/Michigan will cost more than Syracuse/Rice if your paying out of state tuition. 

This might be worth looking at.

Mar 23, 17 3:12 pm

Don't give it away with the username, yo.

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