Looking for the best Online Master of Architecture for a foreign degree Civil Engineer


Hello  Everyone,

After many years working  in  the US as a Architecture CAD drafter ,  I want to get a better education so could step up in my career ,I don't want to stay as a drafter for the rest of my life.

I have a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering in Peru. I really love Architecture, for that reason I decided to go for my Masters degree.After a while, I convinced  myself that is almost impossible to work and attend to a campus at the same time. Therefore I want to take an online  Masters degree instead.

I have been researching  a lot and sending several  emails with questions  to the top Masters online programs in this country. Finally I realized that most of the programs are not meant to be for me. These Masters  programs are either for Bachelors  in Architecture or It is required to go to the physical campus every semester , being that very difficult for me to take several days off from work.

In addition, I need to take pre-requisites  classes in order to be considered  for admission. At the end after a selection process, the only two programs that are more possible to apply are :  Boston Academy College ( Even though they ask for 8 days residency in a row!, how come is that possible while you are working?!) and The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I have to mention that I live in NYC metro area.

I  attached to this post a spread sheet comparing both programs. I  would appreciate  any input , suggestion and advise, Its been several months and I already get frustrated. I almost give up the idea to get a Masters.


Mar 21, 17 12:37 am
Non Sequitur
There are no shortcuts and online masters are barely acceptable. Save were penny and take the cheapest masters at a real university. If you're smart, you'll be able to keep working part time.
Mar 21, 17 6:21 am

thanks for your reply, unfortunately, part time is not an option for me, since I have to pay a mortgage, North Jersey cost of living and a few credit cards. Even if I would get a well paid part time job and my wife gets a raise, most of the classes are during office hours. I honestly rather be in a campus and do some networking while I am learning, it is just hard when you are in your 30's , married and live check by check.


Seems like a school in the region would open up a Manhattan-based evening Master's program for people like the OP. There have got to be thousands like him who are working in the building industry but need advanced schooling. A lot of prestigious schools have evening MBA programs.

Mar 21, 17 8:06 am
Non Sequitur

Probably would work, but does the accreditation process allow for distance/online architecture masters?


Probably not but in this case the OP lives in the New York City area.


hi Volunteer, do you have the information to share? so I could research a little bit more. thanks


Papirriqui, I don't know of any schools in the NY metro area that have evening architectural classes. If they were at all concerned with the financial well-being of their students they would do so as a lot of people just cannot quit work for a year or two just so a professor can teach a class at 10 am rather than 7 pm.


What about a Master in Science in Architectural Engineering? it would be less time and money and only 30 credits. 

I am sure you could work still while completing it. This would allow you to work in a engineering design office or architecture firm designing buildings- structure,enclosure or environmental systems. As an engineer working in the AEC industry you would likely earn much more salary than the typical architect.  And honestly many people trust the choice of the engineer more than the architect. A good design oriented engineer is invaluable to a project.

Mar 21, 17 10:51 am

yeah, that might be my next option if I cant get to neither of those programs. I have to make sure if is NAAB accredited.


thanks for the info, I will take a look!


I have to say that  I am  already enrolled to Columbia's Summer Program " Introduction for Architecture" as a design studio class and then I will take History /Theory classes as a non degree students to get the pre-requisites classes to be acceptable to apply for the master program.

At least  those classes will reaffirm that this  is the right path for me and create a decent portfolio for work/school.

this is  my first time  posting  in Archinect, I got good  insights  from here.

thanks everyone

Mar 22, 17 8:43 pm

sounds like a good plan! I wish I had this option but I'm not in the states :(. Good luck and let us know how you get on please


sure I will, this summer program is for international students if you ever come here.

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