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Good morning everybody,

I'm an architecture student ending my last year of the Architecture bachelor. Thinking about what i should be doing during my next year of studies.

I've been always amazed by the ruins, not only the historical or monumental ones, also modern and industrial ruins. I've been the last years visiting and photographing ruins, every time i can, and at the end has becomed a important part of my life.

Because of this hobby i have begun to think about choosing a ruin-related study. And because of this reason i thinked about searching a Restoration/Conservation architectural master or a Rehabilitation one, but i don't really know anything about this world. 

I would like to ask for advice, about the real difference between these two subjects, if it's true that the restoration/conservation it's a very difficult field for finding a job and where it could be a good place to study it. Because now i'm thinking about Italy or Greece, maybe Spain. But i'm not really sure about where is better or more known.

Thank you very much for your help,


Mar 20, 17 4:51 pm

Have you visited the '' site? They list every US school's program from a certificate to a PhD in related architectural preservation and restoration fields.

Mar 20, 17 8:09 pm

Thanks for this insight.... 

Mar 21, 17 4:35 am

attitudes about restoration or conservation along with radical changes in programmatic needs make these fields very diverse at every scale. from simple patchwork to almost complete renovation. take a look at the work  below (works in spain which has a massive amount of historic buildings). try to find out where you stand. 

restoration in these cases is about bringing the buildings back to "life."

Francisco Mangado - Museo de Bellas Artes

Izazkun Chinchilla - Castillo

Mar 21, 17 9:08 am

A Master's degree in Historic Preservation would be the best educational path into the field after you complete your architecture degree.

Mar 21, 17 10:13 am

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