Education scholarships for Indian Students going to USA ??

I have gotten accepted to COLUMBIA GSAPP MSAAD but with no scholarship , and thus i am seeking some finical help in terms of scholarships. all my Indian peeps at Columbia and in the USA please reply. . 

Mar 18, 17 8:00 am

How do you want them to help though?

- Paying for your school fees?

- Talking to the school's admin for you?

- Lend you lunch money?

Mar 18, 17 12:17 pm

I think he means some advice on other scholarship options.

I'll resist the suggestion that the best financial help we can give him is to talk him into another profession.

Mar 18, 17 12:22 pm

Covered that in my reply, all options that which can be solved simply with a bit of initiative.

Yeah..School fee! 

Mar 18, 17 11:40 pm

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