SCI-Arc vs. NewSchool of Architecture


Hi friends,

Somewhat new to Archinect here, so thanks for helping out a noob with a question that I'm sure has been asked here before (although I couldn't find much from searching). 

I was recently accepted into SCI-Arc's M.Arch 1 program, which is great news. However, as I'm sure anyone can guess, I'm not made of money and the amount of debt I would go into from attending this school for 3 years is scary. 

Therein led me to the NewSchool of Architecture and Design (NSAD) in San Diego. At first glance, this school seems like the San Diego equivalent at nearly half the price. The IPAL4 program (what I'm about to submit my application for) is essentially a M.Arch 1 program but with a year tacked on at the end for internships and ARE preparation to become licensed. Relatively speaking, this seems like a pretty sweet deal (and San Diego is very nice and has cheaper rent compared to Los Angeles). What am I missing here? Why should I attend SCI-Arc and not NSAD?

Thanks for your help!

Mar 17, 17 1:50 pm

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I don't know much about NSAD and my criticisms of SCI-arc are many.

However, I am very leery of any for-profit school, which NSAD is. That's all I really want to say. 

Mar 17, 17 5:28 pm

I'd love to hear your criticisms of SCI-Arc if you don't mind sharing. I'm assuming you went to school there?


Plenty of those covered in recent threads. Try the search button mayhaps?


Good call. Just wanted to hear what people had to say about NSAD really (which doesn't seem to be covered much here)



Mar 18, 17 10:55 am

Why don't people sort out their finances before applying so they don't need to come here and ask what to do??? Makes it all so much easier for everyone.

Mar 18, 17 11:08 am

To be honest, i don't think at any point in my life I'll have my finances "sorted out"


So SCi-Arc it is then . #Solved


Because we hope for some sort of reasonable scholarship?


It's like going to the real-estate agent to buy a house with only a lottery ticket for that nights draw in your wallet.


"It's like going to the real-estate agent to buy a house with only a lottery ticket for that nights draw in your wallet." funniest thing i've heard today.

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I'd like to hear what people say about NSAD

Mar 18, 17 9:50 pm


Mar 22, 17 12:23 pm

I don't like it.

Mar 22, 17 4:24 pm


I graduated from there

Mar 22, 17 4:49 pm

Ha! When?



Mar 22, 17 6:32 pm

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