helloooo dieangewandte IoA Vienna alumnis


I have recently been accepted to the IoA Institute of Architecture (Studio Sejima), and would like to find out what alumnis are up to -- job opportunities in Europe (Vienna, London, Germany, Switzerland...) and the US.

also, if youre not an alumni but you know someone who knows someone -- any comments welcome!!

Mar 15, 17 12:19 pm


I am also admitted to IoA, Studio Lynn.

As far as I know from an alumni graduated from 2012. Some went to Hadid in London, UNStudio, COOP Himmelblau. Then most students stay in Vienna. But the industry is not good here (generally bad in Europe I guess?). Some students continuous to study PhD afterward. 

It seems like no one go to US.  This brother me as well. I don't have enough funds to study in US but I prefer US pedagogy in general and potential job opportunities there.

Do you applied to other program as well?

Mar 19, 17 11:12 am

Thanks, some good insights here, and congratulations!

I have applied to ETH Zuerich as well, but my heart is kind of set on IoA.

And exactly, the economic situation in Europe is bothering, especially in Vienna where 3 arch faculties are pumping out 250 architecture graduates a year. Generally, Austria is not the best address for a financially rewarding architectural career with a ton of small/middle scale firms and view big offices.

That being said, the IoA course is completely free with some exceptional teachers/professors. That's why I would love to hear of some more alumnis that took of into the UK/US --- come on archinect!!

Mar 21, 17 11:17 am

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