Queries for M.arch in Canada after B.arch from India


Hello Everyone

I am Architect from India applying for Architectural graduate Programs in Canada. After completing graduate program and gaining a work experience of around 2 years in Canada i would eventually want to settle in India only.

I have applied to these five universities - U Waterloo, Mcgill, Carelton, Ryerson and U of Manitoba.

I have few questions related to these universities and programs.

1. U Waterloo and Mcgill are among the best but how would you rank other three?

2. Mcgill has a non thesis program for 3 terms(Fall, winter,Fall) will this program be considered as a valid M.arch program in India ?

3. Waterloo demands higher language proficiency score (7.5 IELTS) for Architecture graduate program though mine is 7. I have applied to M.arch Water which is a relatively new program. Will they even consider my application?

4.Can we compare Architectural School in India (CEPT, SPA) vs in Canada (Carelton,Manitoba,Ryerson) for a graduate program

5.Which university can provide me better opportunities to repay my education loan?

I'm looking forward to your suggestions and answers!

Feb 20, 17 1:48 am
Non Sequitur
Why bother with s Canadian March when Indian licensing laws are non existent?

Waterloo is the top school in Canada but it will be very difficult to get in as a foreigner. They certainly require a full qualifying year where you will attend key undergrad classes. Have they offered you an interview yet?

Real advice: it is not likely that the international tuition costs will justify a Canadian March unless you're in Waterloo or McGill. Then again, check with the Indian licensing boards and see why they require to practice.
Feb 20, 17 9:06 am
1. University of Toronto and University of British Columbia are the options that you should not leave out. They are ranked the best in Canada.
2. CEPT can be compared to ryerson, Manitoba, carleton but does not get anywhere close to UofT, UBC or UofWaterloo
3. If you spending 2-3 years of your life and a huge amount of money for obtaining a masters, then I feel you should not worry about paying back your loans while you are doing your masters but rather on making the best use of resources, professors and time. When you will have a good set of skills after your masters, getting a job and paying back your loans will be very easy.

PS: forgot to mention McGill, its good too. But UofT has been for a long time and still is the best for graduate studies
Feb 20, 17 10:59 pm
Non Sequitur

UofT is no-where near the top.

Feb 20, 17 11:44 pm

Thanks for your suggestions !

Non Sequitur I am still waiting for all the results.Till when can i expect conformations?

Shruti do you have any idea about recognition of M.arch(Non Thesis Program) from Mcgill in India

I have already gone to AIU (Association of Indian Universities) and they have a collaboration with AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada).

Mcgill is obviously a part of AUCC so will this program be recognised in India ?As far as i know in Indian M.arch is of 2 years and if international program is less than 2 years is not considered as Masters.

I forgot to mention I am planning to join a current architectural startup after coming back to India. Though I have bend towards being an academician along with that.

Any suggestions which university will suit me ? 

I am looking forward to you comments :)

Feb 21, 17 6:17 am
Non Sequitur

Early acceptances usually start rolling around in the month of march. Waterloo will require an interview... either in person or via Skype (if international).

I don't think you need to worry about a Canadian M.Arch being accepted in India. Even the lowest tier graduate schools should be enough. You need to verify with whatever architectural associations India uses.

Feb 21, 17 8:39 am
Not interested in getting involved in a discussion regarding "my university is better than yours" just to satisfy someone's egoistic needs. I was just trying to answer someone query, truthfully.
Feb 21, 17 12:19 pm
You are right when you said that masters program of a duration less than 2 years is not recognised in India. But I do not know how to deal with it or whom to contact. I just hope you are headed in the right direction.
Feb 21, 17 12:21 pm

Why is a master's with less than 2 years not recognized in India? I know many that have said master's degrees, and are thriving in both academics and practice in India...

As far as I know about Waterloo, they focus on technical aspects of architecture. UofT on the other hand focuses on radical ideas and innovations. In case you want to go back to India, (which would be an amazing thing to do) you shouldn't be much interested in learning about wood construction, or the building details according to Canadian climate (taught better at Waterloo) ..and rather focus on learning about innovation and entrepreneurship (taught better at UofT, also they have a lot of resources to support your entrepreneurship goals).
Feb 21, 17 12:27 pm
Ok.. but you haven't applied to UofT. Forgot about that!
Feb 21, 17 12:42 pm
Non Sequitur

Nope, the OP did not.

UofT radical ideas? please... every school encourages "radical" and creative thought. 

Feb 21, 17 12:47 pm
Told you.... NOT INTERESTED!!
Feb 21, 17 2:35 pm
Non Sequitur

Must be your first day on the internet then.

Feb 21, 17 2:55 pm
First day on the internet trying to avoid a worthless conversation?? Yea... it is!!
Feb 21, 17 2:59 pm
Signing off!
Feb 21, 17 3:03 pm

Late but I recently saw a UofT Master's thesis project and wasn't impressed.  I've seen 3rd and 4th year undergrads from Waterloo do much better and thorough projects. If I'm not mistaken, UofT Master's thesis projects are also done by students in pairs so I was expecting to see a lot more work.  There are UofT students who produce exceptional work ofcourse, but they have undergrad degrees from other quality schools.

Jun 26, 17 11:20 am
Non Sequitur

Hit that nail square on the head.


What a fucking douche you are Non Sequitur? Boring day at work drawing flashing details?

Non Sequitur

Seriously? A little salty are we?


Some need to learn how to appreciate truth to make it far in this industry. It is what it is. No need to sugar coat things to make anyone feel good. We all get too much of that already. :D


5. Which university can provide me better opportunities to repay my education loan?

To every person who asks this question...  Here's an answer for you.... Why don't you WORK and SAVE MONEY and pay for your education yourself, instead of getting a LOAN and making the BANKERS WEALTHY ???  

Think of it as Welfare, nobody wants to hire a person who got his degree using Welfare.  This is an extreme view to most of you, I know.  But you all wonder why the governments of the world are bankrupt, well, this is a small example why.  And in the process you might actually learn something valuable.  

Jun 26, 17 12:42 pm
Non Sequitur

So, as per your view.... all those silly Americans spending $200k on a degree should have that cash available before starting school? Hard to see how someone could save that much without a pre-existing stellar career. But this thread is about Canadian schools and unless you're a foreign student paying 3x, tuition is affordable while working part time and summer jobs.


I’m Vinoth. I have completed my B.Arch degree (2012-2017) in India & I would like to study my masters in Canada & also I have 10 history of arrears in my B.Arch degree, so I’m having the doubt that will be eligible for doing masters in Canada.

Sep 23, 18 3:12 am

The non-thesis program in McGill will be considered as M.arch in India? What's the credibility of the course?

Dec 14, 18 10:04 pm
Non Sequitur

Check with whatever licensing board confirms accreditation for licensing.


Carelton, Waterloo, and McGill in that order 

Dec 14, 18 10:54 pm
Bump on the Non Sequitir racist shit comments.
Dec 15, 18 11:55 am
Non Sequitur

Who’s racist?


I am currently studying in fourth year, when should I apply for masters

Jan 18, 19 11:38 am
Non Sequitur

I believe the window for applications for next year's semester is past. Probably best to call the schools.


can i do MS after my B.arch. The course conservation that i want to get is in Ms? so whats the chances

Jun 16, 19 1:13 pm

Hi guys ,

I completed My B.arch from Guru gobind singh university (India).I have 2 year of experience in reputed firm. Although working with new technology BIM throughout my Job experience. 

Now i want to pursue further Higher studies in Architecture from Canada. Basic reason for choosing canada is PR settlement. Now I am confused about admission requirement due GPA calculation system. I have average scored 64.5% of 5 years B.arch. But i dont know how they follow calulation process in canada. 

It will be helpful for me if somebody can tell my correct GPA. On the other side if i am not eligible for M.ARCH from Good university like ( ubc, waterloo ,  Mcgill , Dalhousie , University of calgary , university of montreal , etc.) then what about doing post graduation diploma course in BIM management from George Brown or any reputed college .Please kindly suggest me the best advice. In last i would say my preference is to get admission in University. 

Aug 19, 19 11:54 pm
Non Sequitur

There are plenty of guides out there in the inter webs that explain how to convert your grades to Canadian and US cgpa. As for

Non Sequitur

As for universities, you’ll probably need to consider the ones with 3 year March paths (u of t, ubc) but you need to first verify if your existing degree qualifies under the CACB. If it does, you may not need a Canadian degree for IDP.


Why does every Indian architect want to come to the west? Just stay in India! 

Aug 20, 19 11:12 am

Can i know, is there demad and scope for architecture in Canada at the present? 

I am an undergraduate with a B.Arch degree from India and i am planning to apply for Urban Design graduate programs in University of British Columbia and Toronto..

What do you think about the job prospects in future.. is it bright or dull ??

Oct 15, 19 10:28 am
Non Sequitur

There is lots of work in most of Canada at the moment but an urban design degree won’t help.


So, what is the ideal graduate degree to be pursued in Canada?

Non Sequitur

an M.Arch accredited under the CACB. That's pretty obvious... but the degree won't get you far unless you also can compete with the local graduates. It's a very saturated market. Lots of places are either looking for solid entry-workers who know how to detail to our canadian standard (these are typically college tech grads) or they are looking for the 10+ year experience licensed architect.


I have applied for M.Arch in McGill University...

Can I know which is the tentative month by which the University will mail their decision for this Graduate program?

Oct 21, 19 9:38 am
Non Sequitur

It depends and McGill is known to send their acceptance letters later than others. How about you call to school's admin and ask a real person?





I am an architect and i am applying for my pr canada for future migration. My express profile is done and i have 4 years of experience under an architect firm... I wanted to know which Master's branch in architecture is in demand and will be beneficial for me in the future... Province wise or overall will also work according to future job prospects ...

Nov 4, 19 4:16 am
Non Sequitur

There are no "branches". Only an accredited M.arch will be accepted under any of the province's architect associations... but you're in luck, perhaps your current education complies with the CACB's foreign trained architect program. That 's your first stop.  

As for location and job prospects... well that's very difficult.  This country is large and each province has it's issues...


actually by branches i meant like landscape, urban design , structural and etc ...which can be beneficial in future job prospects, salary structure or will be in demand after 5 years ...and i have already done my WES clearance for my current degree.

Non Sequitur

None of those "branches" are necessary as they are only tangential to the role of a licensed architect (and do not contribute to the licensing process). Sure, it's helpful to diversify yourself (and no one will say no to the extra tuition monies), but what you'll need if you want to work in an architecture office is a suitable professional practice and construction management background. If your current degree is acceptable under the CACB, and I do not know if the WES works that way... 2 different review process I believe, then a 2-year diploma in building technology or construction management will be a greater benefit that a urban design masters.

Non Sequitur

If you want your current education to count in canada, you'll need to verify it via this: I don't believe the WES superceeds the professional association's requirements. If you fall outside of these programs, then you will be required to take a 3-year accredited M.arch. There are only 11 such schools and not all of them will be available to you.


thank you so much ...i was really confused what to do.

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