worth taking Masters in UK(part2) without part1?


Hey guys,

I have a BA in architecture, outside UK or Europe. 

I was thinking about applying for Masters, maybe get RIBA part2 and take some kind of an examination for part1 afterwards? (is that possible?)

I really don't want to come back to this country full of a mess so I hope to get a job wherever I do my masters, hopefully in the UK. 

I was wondering though, if it would be okay to just take a degree course without the RIBA2, and still be okay to get a job. (Not acknowledging the fact that it's super hard to get a visa sponsorship.) It just seems like it's too much extra work to get all those accreditation. 

Would I still be able to work in a firm without RIBAs? 

How's the industry in the UK? 

Feb 17, 17 10:42 am

Question 1: yes, you can get your part 1 with your portfolio of part 2.  Some Unis such as the AA have a 5 year programme so you cannot enter the part 2 unless you have a Part 1 or choose to enter year 3.

Its up to individual universities - most will say on their web site if you must have a part 1 to apply. 

With Brexit and all, I recommend International students apply to russell group universities - (10 of them) - doesn't mean others are bad but government has suggested that they may prioritise visa for students from these universities - (uncertain)

You can work as a Part 2 students - progress onto Tier 2 visa fairly easy. Work is always there for those who are good. SO its your portfolio and what you offer that matters. Not the industry.

Feb 17, 17 2:46 pm

Thank you so much Ted!

Your answer really saved my life! (I looked further into the getting riba1 and it's possible like you've said) Thank you!!!!

I hope it's okay to ask one more question. I'm very much into March in Bartlett (like everyone else) and since they're very well known for their experimental style, do you know whether they expect the applicants to have their work to be somewhat experimental as well?  My works seem way too practical(?) compared to their style... (maybe I should've started a new thread.. sorry!)

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