When did you hear back from M.Arch programs?


If you are currently in a M.Arch program, when did you start hearing back from schools? 

Feb 16, 17 3:31 pm

You already posted this same thread a few days ago.

Feb 16, 17 3:41 pm

It all started back in 77'. it was It was a clear black night, a clear white moon.......

Feb 16, 17 5:11 pm

I'm getting antsy too! It's real soon!

Feb 17, 17 12:09 am
Non Sequitur
Moon phases greatly affect grandparents acceptances so please be patient and consult with your astrologist.

I personally did not receive a single response until Charon was fully in line Sagittarius.
Feb 17, 17 7:41 am
Non Sequitur
Graduate = grandparents apparently. Damn iPhone.
Feb 17, 17 7:41 am

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Feb 18, 17 1:49 am

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Sep 10, 17 9:09 am

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