Research Thesis, not design. How to apply it to design process?


Sorry for my poor English.

Some universities teach students how to research, they do research for thesis, but not design.

I wonder that how they can apply the way to do research to design process? I hope it's not only prepared basic data before for designing?

I know some universities can apply the way to research to design process, for example, going to see other building and find technique how to design >> it could be theory 

If you have any recommended book about the relationship between research and design, pls suggest me. 


Feb 15, 17 9:20 am

The timeless way of building - Christopher Alexander et al. 1979 Oxford University Press

Feb 15, 17 2:20 pm

My whole thesis studio was based on Alexander's Pattern Language approach. I'm sure there are other similar methods but - applied correctly - I find it's one of the best ways to translate observational + cultural research into architecture.

The problem is that 90% of the time it's not applied correctly.

Feb 15, 17 5:09 pm

observation is the first skill for an architect to master. everything else falls into place after.


Thank u!

Feb 17, 17 3:58 am

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