Row house Examples ?


Our lecturer wants to Choose one Row House , find plan - section - elevation and research it.I'm looking for some row house ,easy for do this things.

Feb 14, 17 10:57 am
Non Sequitur

has you tried with the goggle?

Feb 14, 17 11:14 am

How many row houses must there be in a row before it's considered a 'row'?

One Row House is just A House.

Feb 14, 17 11:48 am

It depends on if the municipality makes you stagger the facade of each row house at the party wall or not.

Feb 14, 17 11:53 am

The row house typology is vertical, single-family, fee-simple, zero-lot-line  with firewalls on both sides, with very small or no front lot line setback. Open space is to the back in a courtyard, either walled or entirely contained by the structure. They commonly have accessory structures on the rear lot line as well, particularly if they abut an alley.

Feb 14, 17 1:42 pm

Basically, if it isn't built right up against both side lot lines, it's not a row house. Multiple row houses on a block will thus form a more or less continuous building frontage at the sidewalk, though with facade variations between the individual residences.

Feb 14, 17 1:45 pm

Do your own homework or just quit school if such a simple question is already too much to do on your own.

Feb 14, 17 3:10 pm

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