TU Delft class size


Does anyone know how many people are admitted annually to TU Delft's MSc in Architecture, Urbanism, and Building Sciences?

Wondering about competitiveness in admissions as well as class size


Feb 11, 17 6:13 pm

It isn't as competitive as in the past. 

Two people from my school (top 5 UK school) got admitted into the Msc and their portfolios didn't look amazing to be honest.

However, both had extensive work experience on their CV.

I have heard that class size is fairly large, but I don't know the exact student:staff ratio (which is what is important in this case)

Feb 14, 17 6:21 pm

The design studios are not that big, I never had more than 12-15 students in my design studio I think, but in other non-design classes the auditorium could easily fill up at the start of the semester. When studios become more intense towards the end people tend to skip the other courses from time to time.

Feb 15, 17 4:11 am

I thought 12 - 17 students per class was a norm internationally?

I mean, when a student pays good money for tuition fees, they're entitled to a good sized studio with decent amount of attention provided at the very least yes?

Feb 15, 17 4:25 am

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