restoration vs Landscape architecture

Diana Quinn

Hello, I have a question about which one of these two, restoration vs landscape architecture/urbanism will be more demanded in the near future? And also, as a young architect, in which field would be more easy to get a job?

Jan 22, 17 12:50 pm

Why either or? Done right, couldn't landscape architecture/urbanism included restoration. Although albeit maybe less rewilding and more NextNature?

Jan 23, 17 12:56 am  · 

They are like apples and oranges but they're both fruit :) 

Check out RAAAF, they were originally working on more landscape-like projects but they now also work in restoration and preservation of built objects and industrial monuments in a very interesting and conceptually provocative way. 

Jan 24, 17 4:41 am  · 

So funny, I started landscape architecture and thought of doing restoration, almost moved, but at the end finished. Now I am a landscape architectural engineer (BLA) and do not work in the field, as it is really difficult to get a job, given other circumstances, like education, degree translation, language skills and then all the other things related to maintaining a strong dictionary and knowledge library, when you are from another country and just did a mayor move. 

If you want to do landscape architecture, you need to be good at resolving environmental issues related to air, soil and water pollution or absence (ecological issues, engineering biology, plants that help cleaning contaminated lands or develop your own focus on urban design and city street scapes, including drainage systems, materials and street trees knowledge or construction and gain technical skills, be interested in mobiliar for outside use for example). In landscape architecture you will always be confronted with coordinating multidisciplinary projects. This requires a strong knowledge base of a lot of related disciplines like construction, architecture, engineering, urban planning, history or as already said, restoration. The nice thing is, that you have to travel a lot. Very important is to have a strong understanding of space, which requires understand people, their behavior and also, understand their needs. Be able to build consensus and communicate in a transparent way. Marketing is one important component, too. Graphic design skills and 3D design skills are essential. Be structured and well organized, be flexible and able to adapt.


Restoration requires, I guess, strong tactical skills, which can mean developing strong arms to polish whatever items you work on and good eyes. It can be very dusty or at unusual places, means you could be in a situation, where you have to work upside down and it is of advance, if you are sporty and a good climber. But it is a nice profession to work in. Your work place can be a museum or a church or also outside to preserve old historical landmarks. You also need to be able to remember a lot of historical facts, to know what the styles are and restore your items the right way. Restoration is mostly to restore something, to make visible and preserve the way it was. 

It depends where you want to find yourself at the end and if you are able to resolve issue in an analytical way or better in just doing your thing and don't mind other opinions. On the long run, I think landscape architecture can be better for jobs. Just be a good networker and you will easily get what you wish. And also, if you are good in any discipline, it doesn't matter at the end, you will find a job in any case. Just love what you are doing, be patient and passionated.

You need to know, where you can find the jobs, like there are always associations or societies in the fields, locally and globally. You should contact also those people who are in the discipline for years, check offices or institutions, call someone, go to a museum near your place, they can tell you much better, what really is required, but the decision only you can make.

And also you can build upon each discipline, whatever you might choose. It is not a finite decision.

Feb 1, 17 10:41 pm  · 

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