Master program Portfolio - ITECH(Stuttgart)/CITA(KADK)



I am applying for the master programs starting in October.  They are both Masters in Architecture in the field of computational design. Is any of you familiar with these universities' expectations? Do you have any relevant portfolio accepted in these programs?

Any information is helpful!



Jan 18, 17 8:12 am


iam also going to apply for ITECH this winter

i also searched and couldn't find enough information about (portfolio , interview) ,i know that they accept around 20 person ,5 of them are architects and the others from different discipline

i have friend they accepted her last year : her projects in the link :
but she couldn't help me in the portfolio or any useful information :(

if we can cooperate in this subject ,i'm ready 

Goodluck :)

Jan 19, 17 8:21 pm  · 

have any of you guys secured admission or found the answers to these questions?

Dec 9, 18 2:07 am  · 

please inform me if you do

Dec 9, 18 2:07 am  · 

Hi guys, here is my portfolio. I am an ITECH student for 2020-2022 period. I know how hard to prepare a portfolio for ITECH which requires only ten pages.

Jan 5, 21 4:39 pm  · 
1  · 

How difficult is it to get offer from itech? I completed my bachelor from bangladesh and trying to get admitted in one of the reputated universities of EU. My main focus is on fabrication and research oriented courses. I know grasshopper and did two studio projects. And i know coding too. Currently i m trying to modify my studio projects and push it to a next level. If u can tell me how much cgpa they requires or is it possible to get admitted there without having an extensive knowledge or work experience on fabrication

Aug 23, 21 12:47 am  · 

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