Undergraduate GPA and acceptance to grad school


My GPA in undergrad was 3.1, which is above the minimum threshold of 3.0 for most graduate  schools. However, I know it's not spectacular. It is mostly due to poor grades in my freshman and sophomore years. My junior and senior years averaged around 3.4-3.5.  I am applying to Virginia Tech, University of Texas at Austin, Ohio State University, and University of Washington (in addition to a couple less selective schools as backups).

Assuming my portfolio, essays, and letters of recommendations are all sufficient, is my GPA low enough that I should provide some supplemental information to the schools to address it and explain why I don't think GPA is an accurate representation of my skills, etc. or should I just not say anything? I have heard that GPA should  be acknowledged if it is unreasonably low, but I am unsure if 3.1, being  still above the minimum, needs an explanation.

my GRE is decent, 155/155/4.5.

Any advice is appreciated!

Jan 12, 17 12:14 am

From my speculations of this forum for weeks, I think your GPA is just fine. Make sure your portfolio is great and you should be good. Honestly, I think the schools you are applying should take you unless your portfolio is subpar. 


Jan 12, 17 11:10 am

Has anyone started receiving acceptance from any university for M.Arch II ?

Mar 1, 17 4:19 am

yes you will get in to most if not all, but that doesnt mean they will offer any funding.

Mar 1, 17 5:19 pm

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