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Hi all, 

I am currently in the process of applying the masters of architecture at Ryerson, UBC and Waterloo. And I have some concerns regarding the statement of intent.

When I look through examples online, most of them cover topics like : person life experience, their extracurricular interest, professional background or what they did in their undergraduate studies, why I am so passionate about architecture etc...

However, when I read on the university's admission outline, their description of the statement seems to suggest that it should be more about the research topic that I will be focusing on. Topics that covers specific discussion in architecture like : digital culture in architect, sustainability, architectural tectonics.......and many more.

So my question is, are any of those topics like : why I decided to become an architect, when I develop interest in architecture, desire to achieve my career goal, what I would do in my personal time..., are they relevant at all. I understand perhaps my personal experience can illustrate why I want to investigate the research topic that I've outlined, but that should only be one short paragraph and the rest should be on the research topic specifically. Would just like to know if I'm on the right track. Hope you all can steer me to the right path. Thanks

Statement of Thesis Intent (ryerson)

brief written statement of about 500 words outlining your research interests within the discipline of architecture

Supplementary information form (waterloo)

- Including a statement of the students proposed research interest

Statement of intent (UBC)

A 1–2 page statement outlining your interest in the program of choice and your motivation to pursue this degree at UBC. 

Dec 11, 16 11:34 am
Non Sequitur

You "qualify" for waterloo application yet you don't know what to write in your statement? You'll need better chops to make it through that program... that's for sure.

From what I remember, writing anything about why you wanted to study architecture (love of art and science, see something built, yadadada...) is not going to impress anyone.  Normally, it's a initial pass at your level of academic research and what topics you hope to explore.

Dec 11, 16 3:38 pm  · 

why are you awful on every post

Jan 11, 22 10:12 pm  · 
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^I feel like most US schools are more general. But they are all first professional degrees, so they are not really about specific research. Are these programs similar or more like a post-professional degree?


Dec 11, 16 11:09 pm  · 

These program are suppose to be a first professional degree, but seem like in terms of the statement their requirements are similar to a post professional degree. I guess I should be writing more on the research topic instead of all that general stuff then. 

Dec 12, 16 12:28 am  · 

^the first two anyway. The UBC does not sound like it wants your research statement so much.


Dec 12, 16 12:59 am  · 

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