Hey guys i have a question to yall architecture students out there!! I know there is some Mac vs PC debate going on... but i dont know what to do... so here is my story... For my first year of university i bought a HP Envy with 16GB RAM, nvidra geforce 960 laptopt with lot of good specs.. just for Lumion use.. i saw everyone using lumion and i liked it and i still do.. but... something happened to the graphic card and now i cant use it without the computer crashing... resulting on a good computer without the ability of runing lumion... Now here is the problem... i only use Autocad, sketchup and Photoshop as part of my workflow... im open to (in the future) to use rhino... all this runs on mac with no problem (i think so)... i dont know if i should take this as an oportunity to sell my old imac (the one before the retina) and buy the new macbook pro 15 inches.... Question 1 is it worth it? The new macbook pro Question 2 should i get the base model? What rendering software is as good as lumion for a non dedicated gpu laptop Question 3: will that macbook run sketchup photoshop autocad rhino and other programs with no problem? Please note that im currently using the HP without the graphic card enable and im doing fine... just cant use Lumion Thanks you so much guys sorry for any inconvinience, my native language is not english hahaha

Nov 5, 16 4:30 pm
1) No.
2) No. Don't buy either model
3) Maxwell. Either way stop wasting time with rendering
4) Sure
Nov 5, 16 5:18 pm  · 

Every Mac Book Pro we have had in our office has had catastrophic failures in either the motherboard or the hard drive, putting the machines out of service for the week or more it takes the local Apple Store to do the repairs.  They don't give you a loaner machine to use while they work on it either.  If this happened to you, I don't know how a student could function for two weeks without a computer. 

I wouldn't recommend the current Mac lineup to anyone, the advantages Apple once had over Windows machines are not present anymore.

Nov 6, 16 8:13 pm  · 

Don't, not especially if you fall for that retina screen bs. Sure, stuff on screen may look good for the user but every proposal/drawing you come up with will either have to be printed or viewed at by a different screen so it's pointless either way.

Nov 7, 16 11:10 am  · 
Non Sequitur

You can get 2 good PCs for the cost of one Macbook.

Nov 7, 16 11:24 am  · 

Lenova, Hp Spectre i7 with 15", DELL - Hell you can get all 3 for the price 1 comparably equipped MBP

Nov 7, 16 12:11 pm  · 

"More expensive and less compatible than ever..." This article sums up the new low Apple has reached with the latest MacBook Pro:

Nov 7, 16 1:21 pm  · 

I've had apple products from the day I opened my office some 23 years ago when I bought a "MAC Proforma 6400". Never had any major issues except for one hard drive failure (that I hadn't recognized in time) that caused some distress but had many MacBooks and Macbook pros.  Never had any issue with viruses, worms or targeted attacks on the software. 

I've heard the same bitching and moaning for years didn't affect my choice of computer then doesn't now.

Sep 12, 18 3:38 pm  · 

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