Architect and architectural photography. Beneficial experience? Passive income?



What do you think about aspiring architect experiencing architecture around the world while doing a photography? 
Is it a great experience by your opinion? 
How big importance would you adress to this idea/activity?

I little bit more insight - I´m looking for a way to generate a little bit of passive income and I want it to be beneficial for me and my pursuit at the same time (not just for chasing money).

I like photography.
I love architecture.
I can create and sell some architectural stock photos on the internet.

Not looking for big money of course - just to cover my (teenage) expenses, unload financial struggle from my parents and save some money for the university.

Thank you for your help and opinion.

Oct 11, 16 4:51 pm
Non Sequitur

question for the gallery:

Can you take and sell photos of a building without the owner or architect's permission?

Oct 11, 16 4:59 pm

Non Sequitur, it depends upon the country in which the building is located. Some countries are very restrictive about this and some are less so. The US and UK are less restrictive (though there are differences between them). I suggest that you review the copyright laws of the countries where you intend to photograph.

Most of the time in the US* ... yes, you can take a sell photographs of a building without the owner's or architect's permission. I say most of the time assuming that the photographs are made from areas with public views of the building. If you're trespassing to get a photograph, that's a different situation. Also trademark law could apply to a building in which case you'd be potentially violating a trademark, not necessarily a copyright.

*I believe a lot of other countries are similar, but I wouldn't know for sure.

Oct 11, 16 5:42 pm

NS: per Everyday Intern, from public lands in the US it's mostly legal (government and military facilities, schools and residential should be approached with caution - the latter 2 you want to make sue individuals are not identifiable).

One target market might be architects/engineers/landscape architects who don't have great photographs on their websites - many are not local and may have a harder time getting good images (so if yours are good for marketing, they may pay for the rights to them).

Oct 12, 16 1:50 pm

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