Study Interior Architecture abroad in Europe (1 Year)


I am currently looking at studying abroad in Europe. I am doing Interior Architecture and would like to spend year 3 abroad. I will be doing this as part of the eramus+ program. For anyone who doesn't know what this is - it basically allows an EU citizen to spend one or two semesters in another university in Europe. 

Many universities create new classes for erasmus students or you pick from a list of modules. I can only do modules through English which narrows my options down a lot. I'm just finding it hard to find universities in Europe which actually do specialise in a Bachelors Degree in Interior Architecture and which tick all my boxes.

I have a small list made including Copenhagen, Barcelona, Valencia, Czech Republic and Belgium. (Off the top of my head, there's a couple more on that list). 

If you have any suggestions of good architecture schools I would love to look into them more! Particulatly in famous architectural regions. My college will offer to link with them if it seems up to standard. Also, preferably would like suggestions outside of the UK due to brexit and I'm not sure on that situation at the moment.

Sorry for the long post and if the formatting is strange, I'm on mobile.


Aug 12, 16 9:31 pm

UHasselt master of interior architecture.

It’s more about revitalization, lasts a year.

Jul 16, 20 7:42 am  · 

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