hide command issues in autocad 2016


I accidentally hit the hide command in model space and my who drawing disappeared. I tried to undo, unhide, unisolate but to no prevail. Luckily I closed out of the file without saving and it was there when i opened it back up. Whats going on? And is there a way to undo the command?

Jun 9, 16 7:56 pm

Regenerate (type "re" + enter)

Jun 9, 16 7:58 pm

Regen will not work. What you did was really all you could do (close without saving and reopen). Your bak file and autosaves are also options, but what you did was the best solution.

Feb 26, 20 3:48 pm
Non Sequitur

Cool. Hopefully the op is still not trying to fix this 4years later.

atelier nobody

I find AutoCAD hides commands quite effectively.

Feb 27, 20 12:50 pm

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