Master in Arch in Korea


Does anyone know about some good masters programs in Architecture in Korea?

I have been interested in the SNU's one because their allow us to take 1/3 of the credits in another department. But I would like to consider other options as well. I am looking for one that I could get knowledge in architecture design, architecture theory and also some art involvement.

I know that those are good schools in Korea:
Seoul National University;
Hanyang University;
Korea University;
Sungkyunkwan University;
Kyung Hee University.

I know that Hanyang University program does not interests me because their focus is in structure and management.

Kyung Hee University really excites me because seems to have a strong focus in design. 

Korea University's program also seems interesting to me, because their focus is on Architectural Planning, but (hum...) would not be my first option...


May 10, 16 9:27 pm

Hi, I'm Korean. I finished graduate course in korea 2years ago. I want my comment to help you make your decision.

I recommend Hanyang Univ.(I'm not a Hanyang univ. student :), but many of my friends graduated the Univ. Of course, I was also attracted the curriculum.)

There is an architecture design course in Hanyang. I think you seem to cheak only Engineering part only. Try to click this page.

SNU and KOREA university is the best school in Korea like harvard univ and Yale univ. in the US. All majors and professors are known for top levels.

Sungkyunkwan univ. and Kyung Hee Univ. have also good courses, but not the best. And the locations are not in SEOUL. As a foreign student, studying at seoul is more beneficial to analysize or experience CITY, CULTURE, and so on...

This is only my opinon. The decision depends on you.

p.s why do you want to study in KOREA?

Good luck.

May 12, 16 7:47 pm  · 
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Don't go to graduate school in Korea.

Unlike USA and Europe, Korea is the country that values only undergraduate schools.

In Korea only those who didn't get the job after graduation of undergraduate go to graduate school. The system and curriculum of graduate schools in Korea is really bad. 

If you are thinking Korean graduate school for money I would recommend you to consider Japan or Europe. Or Chinese graduate school.

May 12, 16 9:56 pm  · 
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oh man!!! it is really hard to get a job there eventhough you have a master's degree in one of their universtiy?

Apr 7, 21 6:10 pm  · 
thompson's gazelle

Why Korea? Masters candidates in Korea are academic slaves in the professor's research lab/design office. In Korea, masters in Architecture is usually for people who A. will pursue a Ph.D and eventually want to enter academia, and B. people who want a more recognized name on their resume for whatever reason.

Unless you're attracted more to the geography, I would recommend some other place around the globe.

May 12, 16 10:44 pm  · 
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Oh no!!! Don't tell me that!!! I am so interested in their culture, places, food, music, etc... I am aware of their competitivity and how harsh they can be. Their work ethic is known to be sometimes toxic. But I was willing to try since I fall in love with their country in some aspects at least to go there and study and then see where it goes. But now with your comment I don't know what to do. Can you tell me more about your experience? I was also looking for some masters in Canada maybe...

Apr 7, 21 6:09 pm  · 

Thanks all of you for your answers, I really appreciate it. :)

AMDIC and thompson's gazelle
The main reason why I want to go to Korea is because I would be supported by the Korean Government (everything, including airplane tickets). I cannot afford for going to any other country that wouldn't give me a scholarship like that. I will apply for MIT (and a second school in the USA which I haven't decided yet) as well. But financial support is crucial to me.

Also, I have been really curious about the society and culture. According to what I have checked so far, they have really good programs (plus the scholarship). I want to try something that is not Europe as everyone in my country wants to do.

Thanks for your answer. I have seen this page before (a long time ago), but I missed this time when I was looking before this post. I actually cannot have an opinion because they do not provide the curriculum on their website.

In my country is the same way... =/

May 16, 16 7:43 pm  · 

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