Tulane versus Oregon

I recently was accepted to the University of Oregon's 2-year MArch program and Tulane's 3.5-year MArch program.

Oregon gave me no money but it is a 2 year program.


Tulane gave me a 1/3 scholarship and TA position for 3 years.  


Can anyone give me some insight into these two programs and why one might be better than the other?


I am worried that by condensing a curriculum into 2 years with a quarter system, I will not learn and absorb as much information as a semester system for 3.5 years. 


The cost of tuition for both of these schools is not an issue.


I was also accepted to Savannah, Syracuse, and Colorado but am leaning towards Tulane or Oregon. Hopefully someone on this thread has some insight.  

Apr 4, 16 1:06 pm


While a TA position isn't given as necessarily part of the admission at University of Oregon, GTF (UO's TA positions) can be applied for and you may have options there.

Apr 4, 16 1:11 pm

I guess I should not have included that information as it is not super pertinent to my decision. I definitely will be applying for a GTF position is I go to Oregon, so thank you for the information. 

Apr 4, 16 2:04 pm

Were you at the Tulane Open house over the weekend? It seemed like their program is very driven by community responsive architecture. Meaning much of their studios have to do with actually designing and building projects that the city needs, very cool in my own opinion. And the more traditional option studios and thesis are of course available as well. I cant say much about the Oregon program as I have no solid information on it, but I believe it would give you a more traditional large public school approach to a MArch, probably has its pros and cons. 

I will be attending Tulane for their 2 year MArch in 2017 (deferring a year), their open house really excited me about using architecture as a tool for social justice and to inspire communities in need through design. Not saying that other universities wouldn't do this, I just think that other universities don't have New Orleans as an area of practice. 

Apr 4, 16 2:14 pm
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Apr 4, 16 2:32 pm

I was also at Tulane this weekend and I'll be enrolling this year.

Apr 4, 16 4:25 pm

Thanks for the input everyone. I will be flying to Tulane this weekend to see NOLA and the school for the first time. I was unable to attend the open house so this will be my chance to check out the program.  Hopefully i'll see you all in the fall @lacalr next year.

Apr 6, 16 10:21 am

If you haven't scheduled it already I would recommend meeting with Kentaro, the graduate school adviser, and try to get a tour or at least go and visit the Tulane City Center. Try and get your hands on their student work packet and publications, they gave me insight on the work the graduate students were doing that I could not find anywhere else. 

Ask about the studio options as well, they have a lot to offer. 

Best of luck in choosing your school and I hope to see you there as well!

Apr 6, 16 12:10 pm

I highly recommend Tulane School of Architecture. I'm an Alumna and have watchd their program evolve from oversees (I moved to Switzerland many years ago to work for Herzog & de Meuron). It's a dynamic school that offers many different programs from which to engage in the profession, and the city itself is an invaluable laboratory. Don't forget to apply for the Dean's Portfolio Scholarship.

Feb 17, 17 6:55 am
Alum here. I'd recommend it as well. New Orleans is a challenging context to design within, which serves you well no matter where you end up.

Don't drink Hand Grenades, you'll look like a tourist.
Feb 17, 17 9:10 am

*Spongebob voice*: "3 years later..."

I've just been accepted to Tulane's M.arch program, which I'm ecstatic about because it was one of my top choices. I was also offered a $40k/year Merit Scholarship. Here's the "BUT": I was placed into the 3.5 year track, even though I have a background and applied for advanced standing. 

Any insight as to why one might be placed this way, and is it negotiable? Does it happen often?

Carter, did you end up deciding to attend Tulane? 

Feb 8, 20 10:27 am

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