TU Delft Building Technology M.Sc portfolio examples



I'm looking for examples of successful application portfolios to the TU Delft Building Technology M.Sc program. I got rejected this year for being lacking in a couple of the evaluation criteria, so I'm looking to see concrete examples of what needs to be changed for next year.

If anyone here is in the program (or know someone in it) and willing to have a chat via email, that'd also be great.


Apr 1, 16 12:23 pm

Did you get your answer? 

Mar 11, 17 12:48 pm  · 

About a year ago I guess, you still waiting?

Mar 11, 17 3:19 pm  · 

Hey, did you get the answer? Because I'm also looking for some examples of accepted portfolios to TU Delft Building Technology M.Sc program

Feb 1, 23 3:23 am  · 

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