taliesin . ccny . parsons ?

t e d d y

Hello, got accepted for M.Arch at these three schools

Now I couldn't decide where to go.

All have their own quality.

Any advice?


Thank you!

Mar 25, 16 1:49 pm

I would choose CCNY cause its a good school, cheaper. I've met a lot of Big time architects in NYC who went to CCNY.

Parsons is a little to artsy for me.


Mar 25, 16 2:26 pm

I cannot speak for all three of those schools but I would be careful with CCNY. When asked about job prospects for the M. Arch program the dean deflected and spoke of Bachelor graduates from like twenty years ago. I'm sure you would receive a very good education and be setup for a great career but for me personally that was a deal breaker. 

Mar 25, 16 6:26 pm
Didn't Taliesen lose their accreditation?
Mar 25, 16 7:41 pm

Taliesin has restructured and done a bunch of fundraising under Aaron Betsky and is now only offering an accredited M.Arch.  After years (decades?) of obscurity and eccentricism, it's now headed in a different and very interesting direction.

But it's not Parsons or CCNY which are very stable and respectable programs - to me it looks/feels more like pre-Moss SciArc or Cranbrook under Libeskind.  No value judgements in any of this, but there are huge pedagogical differences between the New York schools and Taliesin.

Mar 26, 16 10:26 am

^^ Had read on the Taliesin website and elsewhere that they did raise the money they needed to remain private and go independent from the foundation...yet to finalize with HLC. They also “obtained reaccreditation for their Master of Architecture program from the NAAB for a full, eight-year term.”

Mar 26, 16 10:54 am


I would suggest go to Parsons over both the schools you got in and here is a big set of reasons.


Just cause you are going to graduate debt free isn't equal to going to get a job. Most CCNY architects I have known work as expeditors or very boring banal jobs in architecture offices in nyc. 


Once you do move out of NYC ccny has even lesser pull but within NYC ccny is not looked upto compared to Parsons.


Yes parsons is expensive but you will be getting taught by some of the top notch architects and not to mention the studio in Parsons are better and the fabrication technology is amazing compared to ccny .


Its only my 2 cent I graduated from Parsons for Undergrad and ended up in Pratt for masters ..... Go to parsons you wont regret

Mar 28, 16 7:49 pm
Janhavi Savalia

hey I have been accepted at Parsons (2 year) with scholarship of 50% tuition fees and pratt (3year) m. arch programs and not sure which one to choose. I am more inclined towards parsons as it is going to cost me less and also their design workshop is amazing but not sure which is a better school and which school is more respected. Since you have attended both the school what is your opinion about it?

t e d d y

Thank you ! Your insights help a great deal.

Mar 30, 16 1:00 pm

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