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Hey there, Im a about to enter Architecture school for my Part 1 I studied in the UK for my Foundation and was to enter Glasgow school of art but due to my scholarship not able to fund my degree, I have been force to study in Malaysia (Where Im born) and I would really like to get into a great school but Im not very familiar with universities in Malaysia perhaps some of you could give some advice. Thanks!

Mar 10, 16 1:43 am

Hi Isaac, 

I'm a part 1 graduate from Malaysia. Well I would say architecture school in Malaysia are quite limited, just a few choices. Depends on what is your main concern and what kind of architecture education you are looking for.

Government school like University of Malaya (UM) is a very reputable architecture school in Malaysia, even recognize by RIBA Part 1 and comes with lots of interesting event/talks. and the fees is very low as well. But to get into it is a little tough. 

Coming up next would be Taylor's University, in my opinion is quite a good school as well. They have great facilities, trips, degree exhibitions, talks, exposures, and of course a beautiful campus!!! From what I can see, they are more computer/digital-oriented in terms of architecture education. But the fees I believe the fees is quite high compare to some other schools. (just my thought. I often visit their students work both bachelor & master but I never studied there before.)

The school that I graduated from, Universiti of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) on the other hand puts more focus towards, hand sketches, physical model, manual drawing, although we did digital artwork as well at later years. It runs on considerable cheap fees (It was just about 35k MYR for 3 years when I started my study way back in 2011), and hence there's some limit on the facilities & events. Usually it goes in small classes, normally limit to around 35 students per intake, and every students will have their own individual working space in the studio, you can literally do anything there and student spend most of their time there for everything. Education wise, it might just be considerably ok, but I guess it is still improving as architecture is quite a new course at UTAR (started year 2010 if not mistaken)

University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) from what I heard from my colleagues and friends, are quite technical in terms of the architecture, putting more focus on constructibility and services, not so much is "art-sy" design.

There are too other government schools like UPM, USM... as well as private school like UCSI, LimKokWing (LUCT), IUKL...etc that I do not know really much about them. 

(ps: UCSI seems quite good too, but I am just not sure.)

Mar 10, 16 5:03 am

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