Job opportunities after master AA / IAAC / KADK / ETH / SAC



I have applied to many schools in this 2016 and trying to setup criteria to help me decide which school/city should I go. If anyone have information about these popular choices of city please share about job opportunities after school.


AA/London - I have researched that there is already no chance to get work permit in UK unless you earn £35/year which is impossible for newly graduated student.

Iaac/Barcelona - Bad economy, low chance, right ?

Kadk/Copenhagen - I have no idea, please share.

ETH/Zurich - I have no idea, please share.

SAC/Frankfurt - students will be allowed to work 2 more years, right ?




Mar 4, 16 1:56 pm


Wrong on the UK!!! Also AA is really mindful of how you can get a visa as are other schools like my own - come on down as they say on the PRICE IS RIGHT!  UK fees compared to USA is nothing and you can get funding -

For UK - £35k is for INDEFINITE LEAVE TO REMAIN which is basically a residency term - you can only apply for that after 5 years of having a LEAVE TO REMAIN - meaning a sponsored visa. If your doing a Masters you can expect to earn the min salary after graduation of £27K for a tier 2 visa - see list list of tier 2 sponsors --- Yes, Zaha is a Tier 2 sponsor.

If you're from certain countries you can apply for a Mobility visa - this is a tier 5 visa -

you can apply for a Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) visa if you’re aged 18 to 30 and you’re from:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Republic of Korea
  • Taiwan
Mar 5, 16 2:36 pm  · 

hey TED thank you for your useful information !! where have you finished your master ?

Mar 8, 16 10:26 am  · 

I went to KA in Copenhagen. When I lived there (2009-2011) there was no chance to work after graduation because they wouldn't grant you a full time work permit. We got a 6 month part-time work permit but it didn't allow us to even apply for full-time work. I heard they were trying to change that for students who studied for more than 18 months but I'm not sure if they implemented it. Based on the right-wing government and anti-foreigner stance, I'm going to guess no.

In any case, the job market in architecture / design is pretty bad from what I know about the people I graduated with. But if you join the architect's association after graduation, you can call yourself Arkitekt MAA and they send you a cool member card that impresses North Americans. Never underestimate the power of all that Danish Coolness rubbing off on you.

Mar 8, 16 11:09 am  · 

thank you stephanie, i got it now many thanks

Mar 9, 16 4:17 am  · 

It's true, its very difficult to find architectural work in Copenhagen/Denmark in general. I have a few colleagues who had to move to the UK/else where to find anything decent.

Mar 9, 16 8:16 am  · 

@nibakung, I applied to many of the same schools at you and was wondering the same question. Have you found anything? 

Mar 23, 16 1:07 am  · 

@Dr.X hello, actually ..

I asked a friend in KADK CITA. She said It is nearly impossible to find job in DK. No one in her class got a job there. They basically moved back to their countries to get a job, but this friend of mine she got a job in London. ( She is Taiwanese )

Many of my friends in Frankfurt got jobs both in Germany and in UK.

Some of my friend in Barcelona told me that graduated students also got jobs in London. So I think there are many opportunities after graduation. You just have to look for it. And also many useful information from TED,Stephanie Braconnier and archiwutm8 in this topic too. Thanks to them. That's all I got. 

How about your response from each school ? Have you got admission letter from any of them ? 

Mar 30, 16 1:27 pm  · 


I am applying at IAAC, Barcelona. I saw your discussion here and now wondering if it would be a bad choice.

Could you please revert? I do not have any idea of the job opportunities

Oct 19, 20 3:22 am  · 

@nikabung - do let me know if you're planning to join IAAC this year!

May 11, 16 1:05 am  · 

Hello everyone, I am Kanishk. I am joining AA, London for MArch Sustainable Environmental Design. I would like to know if you have knowledge about job opportunities in London, and what do I have to keep in mind before applying in one. Since, AA is an Independent School I am not eligible to work except for work placement. But is there any problem if i apply for work after my Programme ends?

Aug 19, 16 12:46 pm  · 

Hi @kanishkbhatt 

AA doesn't have work placement but you can get a tier 2 sponsor for up to 5 years.  Your student visa last for 3 months after you submit your dissertation - so best to create links with those people on the course or in LDN who you wish to work for and look for a spot while you are doing your studies.  Right now the salary threshold is £22.8 k per year salary (not married) so assuming you already have a Architecture degree you should be able to find a job/sponsor easily - best

Aug 20, 16 1:06 pm  · 

Just recently read several articles regarding this topic. Belgium and UK were noted as the main destination for freshly graduated students. 

P.S. according to UCD leaflet Ireland is short for architects:)

Oct 20, 20 4:36 pm  · 

What kind of articles did you read, can you recommend or send me any? I am considering going to Ghent for Master ;)

Apr 27, 21 10:54 am  · 


I am considering to applying at IAAC, Barcelona, please share information about the job opportunities after completion of the masters course at IAAC.

Jun 2, 23 12:42 am  · 

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