Why is architecture school a waste of time?


isn't it that an engineer doesn't need to know acoustics, luminosity, thermodynamics as much or the way it's taught.  in a design studio (upper level) do you design a building that will stand (as in, you design it down to the nuts & bolts)?

Nov 5, 17 4:34 am  · 
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question in your incoherent ramblings there is not


I don't think it's a waste of time and you would not have the joy of experiencing some of these great design prompts. Give a read and see what I'm talking about!

A Glimpse Into the Weird World of Architecture Students' First Assignments  

Dec 28, 17 10:49 am  · 

In general, I'd say that if education isn't a requisite than it isn't worth it.   I have a M.Arch and MBA and the real value in an M.Arch degree is learning to think critically, creatively and solving problems.   You'll have plenty of time in your career to learn the technical aspects as you pursuit IDP and gain knowledge in prep for ARE examinations.    Use your time in school to really push yourself outside your comfort zone, challenging ideas, and learn how to think.  Learn how to out think competition, learn to go against the grain and stand behind your work while people critique you. Trust thyself, develop your character and get to know thyself.    Those are things you'll take with you for the rest of your life.    Granted, there are plenty of ways to acquire those things without dropping 100k on an education, but it's a requisite for architects so you might as well embrace it 100% and take as much as you can from  it.  

On a side note, I got M.Arch degree first... and I'd take marketing classes, and product development classes while pursuing MBA degree and would smoke everyone to the point it wasn't even funny.   They're all trained to think Methodically, so they'd pretty much all revolve around the same ideas with low-moderate variation and I'd just be on another level.   Was a really interesting experience, and that's why I think the value in an architecture degree revolves in the ability to think creatively.  

Best of luck. 

Aug 21, 18 10:07 am  · 

It’s such an scam, a lot of schooling, then a hardship to secure an internship position for two years, then a lot of exams, eventually not be compensated as it worth it!

May 3, 19 5:44 am  · 
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Or, you know, you could lower your expectations. We’re not superstar cowboy astronauts curing cancer with grand design swoops. Most of us are doing just fine.


Post-rationalising is great.


One of the things they do not tell you in school is how flakey this business can be. During the 2008 recession architecture unemployment was 10 times that of every other profession. It almost destroyed the profession. There are still some people I know personally that got out and have found other things to do. We rely heavily on banks so when they aren't giving loans we suffer. Now with a pandemic, we again are suffering. Plus many businesses have discovered that they do not need office space to run their business. There are architecture firms that almost exclusively design office space/buildings. 

Yes school is a waste of time. You will learn more working for firms than school. My advice is study something else. I wish I had. If you still choose to do this, make sure you work at different firms to gain experience in all types of design i.e. church, schools, retail, hospitality, medical, multi-family, multi-use, and even residential.

Nov 17, 20 12:44 pm  · 

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