Arb part 1


Has anyone taken the ARB Part 1 exam in the UK recently? Any tips? 

Did anyone succeed? 


I know the question has been asked several times on this forum but post are not really fresh !(2007).

Feb 3, 16 11:56 am


I have completed both ARB part 1 and part 2 successfully. If you think that your evidence/portfolio covers all of the criteria set-out in the matrix then the process will be shorter. However if there are any gaps, then you will need to re-work the portfolio so that is it in line with the requirements stated in the comparative matrix.

It super important that you make sure you are eligible (qualifications, etc..) to apply for the exam.

If you need help, contact me on:

All the best!


Sep 26, 17 1:50 am

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