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Hi everyone,

I am applying M.Arch I programs this year. I'm a senior at a liberal arts college with no architectural background, and I have rather limited resources. I'm working on my statement right now, and I'm really hope to find some architectural readers to give me some feedback. If anyone have the time I would be extremely grateful!

I'm a little concerned about posting the essay right here so if you would like to help would you reply to the thread and I can email the draft to you? Thanks a lot!

Dec 29, 15 2:18 pm

send me your statement. I'll review it and give feedback

Dec 29, 15 5:24 pm
thompson's gazelle

always have a native speaker/architect to proofread your essay. From my experience, people who didn't study architecture and who don't speak the language will mess up the content. 

Dec 29, 15 7:15 pm

Could anyone review and give feedback on my rough draft for my personal statement for college?

Jan 5, 19 5:20 pm
Non Sequitur

post it.


I can send it via email.

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