the zeitgeist


is there really even a zeitgeist?  the spirit of our times is dominated by wood framing, "i love sheetrock" (OMA), and other typical construction methods, on the other hand, there is the starchitect, the ETH, Roche, experimental structures built in academia.  

Dec 10, 15 1:36 pm

The zeitgeist is that there are multiple zeitgeists.

Die zeitgeist ist , dass es mehrere Zeitgeister .

Dec 10, 15 1:50 pm  · 

literal thinking

Dec 10, 15 1:55 pm  · 

to take Donna's phrase a notch further, it seems to me nowadays is every man for himself; until a collective conscience emerges it will be very chaotic, but today every childish desire prompts people to believe everybody else should be on their side and think alike. I've seen gofundme requests for vacations in the Caribbean.

Dec 10, 15 2:00 pm  · 

a multiplicity of zeitgeists kind of contradicts the zeitgeist.   hasn't schumacher tried to force a collective style?

this leads to ask what is a "critical" architecture?  if anything goes, what is actually an architecture that synthesizes the many zeitgeists and addresses many contradictory issues?   

Dec 10, 15 2:17 pm  · 

I love you Donna.

Der Zeitgeist though. Geist (spirit) is male. Who knew, right?

Dec 10, 15 2:18 pm  · 

Damn google translate, I knew that sounded wrong. Sorry, Alex! Finding the translation led me to re-read a few paragraphs from Thomas Bernhard's Old Masters, though, so that was fun. Reger's zeitgeist is described as contra mundum, which could also be a common theme today.

Yes, no_form, Schumacher is pushing for a collective commitment to parametricism. But I don't think anything can be that absolute and exclusionary these days, and I think that's preferable.

Dec 10, 15 2:38 pm  · 

Isn't it obvious? It explains everything from sheet rock to Shoemuncher's Bullshitmetricism.

Dec 10, 15 2:51 pm  · 

I'm not just pushing the podcast, but seriously, listen to Denise Scott Brown. She talks more-or-less (heh) about how many different ways there are of doing architecture these days.

Dec 11, 15 3:15 pm  · 

+++ Miles

We are in the age of rampant Corporatism.  The masses get cheap Mc'buildings and the corporations commission decadent buildings that act as part of their Advertising campaigns.  All while academia tries to figure out how to 3-D print toilet bowls or how to feed the world with architecture...we are in the age of BIG buildings, big ambitions, and big budgets....unfortunately our will and ability to do what the earth demands is very very small...we are living through the death rattle of the industrial era.

Dec 11, 15 3:58 pm  · 

jla-x : It isn't architecture or design anymore, its luxurious sculptures.

Dec 14, 15 4:47 am  · 
wurdan freo

The zeitgeist is fear mongering. And it's played by both corporate america and the government. We are just batted back and forth between them like the game of Pong.

Dec 14, 15 12:07 pm  · 

the Age of Bullshit

Dec 14, 15 9:28 pm  · 

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