TOEFL requirements for MIT and GSD.


I am an international student applying for admission to graduate courses in architecture schools for programs which start during Fall 2016. I have given my TOEFL and scored 99. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to retake the TOEFL and get my scores before the end of the application period. Besides the TOEFL scores I have good recommendations, well composed Statement of Purpose for each university I am applying to, a well worked on portfolio, A first class degree from a renowned university in India which might workout to a 3.4 GPA and a few other things to my favor. Are the TOEFL requirements stated in the website concrete or can there be exceptions due to merit or any other factors? The TOEFL test scores required for MIT is 100/110(Pretty sure its 110), GSD Harvard is 92-104(depending on the type of program), University of Cincinnati is 100(not a strict requirement). My question is "Will my application goes straight to trash at MIT?"

Dec 9, 15 11:29 am

Hello @sasankreddy! Good luck with your application! I am applying too this Fall (MArch II). For MIT the requirement is 100 and for GSD 92, 23 sectional I think. I scored a 115 so I have no problem. A person I know applied last year and got into GSD MArch II with a 98. So probably you won't have a problem with that. I do not know about MIT though. Possibly no problem there either.

Dec 9, 15 1:53 pm

Hey! Thanks a lot for sharing this informative post here. I am also planning to take help of TOEFL and ielts coaching in panchkula. I am sure this will help because I don’t want to risk it again. It is my dream to study hard and settle abroad.

Feb 19, 19 2:58 am

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