topics for thesis in architecture


suggest some good and new upcoming ideas an topics for architectural thesis 

Nov 6, 15 9:08 pm
"Why crowdsourcing a thesis is a terrible idea."
Nov 6, 15 9:44 pm
Explorations of parametricism in outhouse typologies.
Nov 6, 15 11:22 pm

Architectural projects are classified into into some categories such as urban planning, cultural facilities, leisure facilities, public offices and buildings and last but not the least homes. You can differentiate your interest from these, so you yourself can get the topic for thesis.

Nov 7, 15 12:50 am

Kimchoudhary a project is not a thesis. And you just listed a profession and a bunch of building typologies. Swing and a miss.

Nov 7, 15 1:01 am
+josh Mings. The flow of excrement would be like a theme park ride.
Nov 7, 15 1:02 am
Agreed. A project is not a thesis. Look at Robert Venturi's thesis. Yes, it is a church, but that church is most certainly not his thesis. Or even look at the polemics that have been put out over the years - Delirious NY, Complexity and Contradiction, even Patrik Schumacher's latest book, all of those are along the lines of theses. Think about what you believe architecture should be and what you want your voice to say, and then make it happen.
Nov 7, 15 12:24 pm

Thesis topic-

What is the state of education if students believe crowd sourcing will generate authentic, effective learning experiences and how can design mitigate the negative effect of this learning "model?"

Nov 7, 15 7:02 pm
thompson's gazelle

crowdsourcing+design actually seems interesting.

Nov 9, 15 4:07 am

yes, but crowdsourcing is not asking "what should I do for thesis?"


Nov 9, 15 8:10 am

It's called public engagement.

Nov 9, 15 8:38 am

"I lack the creativity to define myself, can some people on the internet define me?"

Nov 9, 15 11:39 am
How is crowdsourcing different from a public review board or design by committee?
Nov 9, 15 11:41 am

straw thatched roofs - welcome to the future of architecture. 

Nov 9, 15 12:05 pm

"How the general inability to think for one's self leads to diminished choice"

Nov 9, 15 1:08 pm
thompson's gazelle

The term crowdsourcing to me somehow implies a global crowd rather than immediate stakeholders at a specific geographic location. That's why i said design instead of architecture--of course this could be either interesting or totally meaningless... I like how the OP is completely indifferent.

Nov 9, 15 11:55 pm

A fair suggestion about crowd sourcing, but you can't be indifferent with your thesis.

The op is not doing the work properly because the design would be the survey instrument and not just a blunt demand for responses. Added to that- if this was indeed the use of an online platform to test a hypothesis about crowd sourcing, the thesis is already in danger of coming to a sudden halt, based on a tiny sample and lack of response. It's time to go back and make a new instrument.

Nov 10, 15 6:55 am

The above assumes that the real topic is "how to determine a thesis topic," and crowd sourcing is only one chapter...

Nov 10, 15 7:25 am

Ask a question about the built environment, then propose a solution and research how the proposed solution has worked in the past. Use information found in research and possibly scientific measurements to validate your proposed solution to some question/problem with the built environment.

Or you can design a thing that you think is needed in our society and validate your design decisions. For example a facility that rehabs barbie dolls so they don't end up in a land fill, ore some other nutty thing no one has heard of that you can make into a flashy rendering.

Now I have to get back to my cubicle where I design the layout of cubicles.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Nov 10, 15 8:40 am

Hi all, I am working on my master of architecture thesis, but i need some topics to search about, ...... i am searching for Landscape/ urban design issues... do you have any suggestions ?

May 4, 16 11:56 am

Hi all, I am working on my master of architecture thesis, but i need some topics to search about, ...... i am searching for Landscape/ urban design issues... do you have any suggestions ?

May 4, 16 11:56 am
Non Sequitur

Have you tried google?

May 4, 16 11:57 am

Hi all,I would like to work on coastal corridor development  as a thesis topic,but i need some topics to search about it. Can you give any suggestions regarding this topic ?

Jul 4, 16 6:20 am
nancy martina

hello all,  I would like to work on conservation or some like historic / archaeological museum as my thesis topic,but I am not sure from where and how to start my study for the thesis. please guide me regarding this topic..  

Dec 16, 17 6:27 am

Start in the past.

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