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Does anyone use an HP Designjet 510 in their office? We bought a new one 3 years ago. I print about 15 sheets per week. I've replaced the black printhead four times and the red and cyan once. Is this normal? HP does not seem to be making replacement parts for this printer any longer so I've had to search the Internet for replacement printheads. Also, when I switched from OSX to Mavericks the sheets printed at about 95% the scale so I switched back to OSX. From what I was able to find out from HP they are no longer producing a driver compatible with the Designjet 510 and Mavericks. Just curious about other peoples' experience with this printer. Thanks!

Oct 3, 15 8:33 pm

Have you tried setting up a PC as a print server?

Oct 3, 15 8:53 pm
Why not just use cyanotype? It's what Balkins uses.
Oct 3, 15 9:23 pm
I've got an antique hp design jet 750c - run it in black only. I think I replace the black cart every 100-125 sheets. This is for working drawings-not renderings. 24x36 sheets. My cost is approx $0.50 per sheet w cheap refilled carts and bulk paper order.

You'd sounds really poor. Get someone to service it-something sounds off.
Oct 4, 15 1:09 pm
Doh- you've gotten 3 years out of it? I read "3 weeks" .

Ignore my answer-I have no clue
Oct 4, 15 1:10 pm


Actually, if the person replaced the ink cartridge 4 times (black being the most dominantly used ink in general) after printing ~2000+ sheets (math points to around 2300-2400 sheets) is pretty good.

The reason the color cartridges are less often replace may have to do with the content on the plans. If your plans are mostly B&W with very little color use, that makes sense. That is why the black cartridge is quite often bigger. 

If the cartridge setup is similar to the 130nr, I would say the print head itself would be replaced once every so many times the ink cartridge is replaced. I suspect you replaced the ink maybe more than 4 times. The black cartridge was probably replaced 8-12 times. This would be compared to 750c. This would make sense. Replacing the print head itself is usually done maybe 1 every 2-3 times the ink cartridge is replaced. However, these systems I described are have separate ink cartridge and print heads unlike the smaller desktop printers where the ink cartridge and print head is one in the same.

I think I covered that enough.

You could always reduce the number of prints by using diazo paper and manually doing the diazo process and make copies OR  you can also do the cyanotype process. Additionally, with computer tools, you should be able to digitally-- markup by creating a layer for markup notes. From what I see from the information given, you are probably already doing a bit of digital based markup notes and all.

Oct 4, 15 2:42 pm

You've changed the print head 4 times in 3 years? That should happen more often. You may not be printing heavily, but dry mucky ink in print head is also a thing to avoid.

A couple suggestions-

1- Check the expiration on your ink. I realize that usually the HP large format printers won't work if the expiration date has passed, but you can bypass that restriction (possibly voiding the warranty).

2- Ask your rep if they have any print heads being used to hold q door open, or something similar. You might get lucky.

The driver issue is a definitely a tech support call. Contact your local rep and check if anyone else using a Mac is repeating your problem. Thy may not support the machine, but this is a diver update issue.

Oct 4, 15 8:17 pm

Any thoughts on buying a used HP 1050C for ~$500 to use for school - my grad school's printing is a lot more than my undergrad. 

Oct 5, 15 8:22 am

Does it come with any extra ink and other consumables? You need to check the prices on cartridges and printheads. Buying full rolls of nice quality paper isn't cheap either. The upkeep on the plotter will easily exceed the purchase price of a used device. We bought an old HP for about $500 USD but a full replenishment of the cartridges, printheads and paper for it is over $1600. We don't have to buy everything at once, however, so I think our annual yearly spend to keep the thing running is +/- $400.

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