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I have recently graduated from NID which is India's largest Design school. I want to do my masters in Architecture and I needed some advice on the colleges in Europe. I have opted out of the USA colleges because they have 3-4 year courses while the European schools have 1-2 years. I am looking for less theory and more hands on project based courses. 

Which schools allow non architecture students to apply for masters?

My GPA is 3.6 and I have 1.2 years of experience in the Indian Industry in varying design fields. 

Please help .

Jul 18, 11 8:44 am

I  forgot to mention that I specialized in spacial n experience design n its a 4 year UG

Jul 18, 11 8:46 am

1-2 years for a professional degree??

ive never heard of such a thing, you might be thinking of the courses for people that already have a professional degree, or some other design masters courses

Jul 18, 11 9:22 am

nope .. the professional degrees in Architecture in Europe eg. UCL Bartlett is for 1 year n Delft for 2...

Jul 18, 11 9:54 am

I know the Bartett M.Arch is not a professional degree, it doesnt count for licensing. A good amount of the students their have a B.Arch or diploma, with a few exceptions. Does that matter in India?

Jul 18, 11 10:54 am

yup licensing does.. but I didnt read anywhere that it did not have licensing. Infact it tops the charts for schools in Europe along with the AA . Any idea how TU Delft , Glasgow, Politechnico de Milano , Oxford Brookes and Sheffield rank ?


Jul 18, 11 11:27 am

fade to blackoe's right. Most of the M.Arch degrees in Europe are post-professional, especially if they are 1-2 year courses.  I'm an Architecture undergrad (5th year) from India and I'm applying to the States for M.Arch II for the fall of 2012. 

If you want to practice architecture in India after getting your professional degree abroad, you should check the Council of Architecture guidelines for accreditation and licensing. I think the M.Arch I from USA is a safer option for you, plus with your design background, you might be eligible for advanced placement, you'll have to check with the colleges though.

Jul 18, 11 2:56 pm

I was looking at the USA colleges but they all said I would not be eligible for advanced placement so I don't have the funding or time for 3-4 years more of study. Thats my biggest problem.

I emailed many of the European colleges which said I could apply, though I havent spoken to them about  the licensing as yet.

Do you know where I can find out which colleges have licensing ?  

Jul 18, 11 11:04 pm

Usually the best place to look is the program website itself. For example : clearly states: "Please note that this programme does not offer exemption from UK professional examinations."

Jul 19, 11 3:46 am

yes I read that.. It is true. Actually I want to get into Urban Design and I thought if I did a Masters in Architecture it would be the best way to get into Urban design.

Does anyone know if I can get into Urban Design directly? And what is the scope of urban design? 

Jul 19, 11 3:55 am

Urban design would probably take up less of  your time. 2 years or so

you have a lot homework to do, and that means reading websites carefully

Jul 19, 11 9:47 am

1-2 years are really short time for a professional degree. i'm doing my architecure degree in europe right now, and it takes (if you pass everything right on the first try) 6 years!! 1-2 years are prolly some courses or something for someone who is already a dipl. architect.

why do you want to spent as little time as possible with your studies? i love every minute of mine...

Jul 20, 11 7:50 am

I have already done 4 years in a course very similar to architecture where I have developed designs for public spaces etc. I have a financial limitation and for non EU students studying in Europe can get quite expensive. Other than that I really wish I could be a student all my life. I do enjoy it a lot. Hence I am looking for a 2 year program. Delft offers this and so do some other colleges outside the UK. 

Jul 20, 11 8:12 am

Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows any Masters Degrees in Architecture anywhere in Europe. It should last 1 years max., and in terms of price around 2000-2500 (the maximum budget). 

Dec 3, 18 6:05 am

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