Deciding on a new monitor for upcoming school year!!


I am planning on purchasing a computer monitor for this upcoming school year. I want a bigger screen for work on projects. I've been shopping around a bit but I would like some advice or suggestions on what monitors are good for design work. I would like one that is at least 22" but no more than 25" with high resolution & hdmi hook up. I have an Asus laptop now & I do like the graphics Asus has to offer, however I just want to find the best monitor for the best price! I don't want to spend more than $200. If you have any suggestions or experience with a great monitor, please any comments are welcome!!

Aug 3, 15 11:34 am

ASUS MX279H - 27" IPS FullHD LED-Backlit LCD Monitor with Speakers - 16:9 - Black/Silver

$211 online

Aug 3, 15 12:37 pm
We use 32” Samsung TVs at my office. The quality is actually really good and it’s the same price as a smaller “monitor”.
Aug 18, 19 12:42 pm

Oh it's actually a 43" lol.  It takes some getting used to but I will never go back to a normal screen

Aug 19, 19 4:00 pm

So everyone has a 43" tv on their desk?


Only those who want one, but yes. It’s attached to a swing arm so you can move it easily. I know it sounds dumb but I love it now


I don't think its dumb at all; I'm very intrigued by the idea. How far away is the monitor from the user?


I keep mine at an arms-length or just a few inches beyond that

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