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I am doing undergraduate thesis from mumbai on Jute research institute and exhibition center, howrah, west bengal. I am considering earth architecture as the sustainable and preferred method of building construction.

The project consists of two parts - institute and visitor's area.

visitor's area will be promoting jute as the important, nature friendly, bio-degradable, easily and abundantly available material which can be used in different fields. with exhibition area and market place.

institute will consist research labs seminar halls etc.

so, could any of you please suggest any additional points in this or any relative casestudies, any information on howrah area, jute...?

Jun 23, 15 1:55 pm

Hello tanvib. My name is Sarnali an undergraduate architecture student from Mumbai. I am currently doing my thesis on centre for revival of jute. Since I guess you've had a similar topic , I am really looking forward to have a discussion with you and know more about your thesis and I would be grateful if you guide me with any related information available to you. 

Nov 26, 21 3:20 pm  · 

I'm sorry to say that "tanvib" posted only twice, and hasn't been back in nearly 6 years. Good luck with your thesis.

Nov 26, 21 9:45 pm  · 

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