How hard is it to get into harvard's career discovery?


I am curious to know how hard is it to get into Harvard's career discovery program. 

How much does it help in applying for MArch 1?

What are the other summer school programs?


Jun 9, 15 4:31 am

you prob need to know how to do an internet search if you want to get into harvard

Jun 9, 15 7:27 am

shouldn't be too hard; they want your money after all.

Jun 9, 15 3:35 pm

Like others said, do an internet search to see how much it costs, determine if you can afford to pay for it, and if you determine that you can pay for it that should be all you need to "get in."  

Jun 9, 15 4:13 pm

Also others schools have similar programs. Columbia University in NYC and SCI-arc in Los Angeles are two examples. I believe those programs limit the amount of students for their summer programs so the classes have fewer students. In a way the GSD program is probably easier to get into because it is less likely to fill up as quickly. 

Jun 9, 15 4:17 pm

Thanks a lot for the info!

is it worth doing the program (considering you have the  money)?

How helpful is it to get into top schools for MArch 1?

Jun 9, 15 9:27 pm

It helped people I know that went. Assuming you do very well at Career Disco, establish a good relationship with your instructor, have great pre-existing grades and a quality portfolio, you have a decent chance.

Jun 10, 15 12:25 am

Admission to Career Disco isn't actually competitive.  There are some minimum threshold requirements - that's why there is an application. It's not entirely first-come-first-served either though because they have some discretion to do some hand picking to get a diverse group of students  - though it isn't clear to what degree they really do that.

It may help with your admission to M.Arch programs indirectly - by giving you some portfolio material, and by introducing you to some instructors who could potentially provide references.  It's less likely to help directly - i.e. by impressing anyone on the admissions committees with the mere fact that you attended, because that doesn't really establish anything except that you had enough interest to do it, you filled out the application on time, and you came up with the funds to pay for it. 

Jun 10, 15 11:54 am

Thanks for the info! :)

Jun 10, 15 9:50 pm
I knew a guy who did it. He had a few nice portfolio pieces. Didn't get him into haaaavid though.

I know a few people who did go, but not to the GSD. They had XL $$$ and XL intellect.

Good luck.
Jun 11, 15 12:24 am

Thank you! :)

Jun 11, 15 1:45 am

It's incredibly easy to get in, wouldn't recommend the program unless you just want the name Harvard on your CV, definitely a money grab (coming from someone who attended the program)

Sep 26, 19 6:01 am

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