Free Architecture Thesis Ideas Here!

Olaf Design Ninja_

Since many students often ask for free advise or topic suggestions for their Thesis  I figured why not just offer it up and have students work on issues Architectors are Interested in. 


Suggested Topic List:

What is the difference between diagrams, branding, and architecture?

When does a rebellious/fun/revolutionary  firm become mainstream and does it matter?

Design solutions and urban regulation proposals for dead malls.

What is architectural criticism today?

What do you call an architecture graduate without a license professionally?

Does architectural licensure matter?

What is Virtue in architecture today?

You're Welcome!

Jun 7, 15 5:15 pm

Maker space and urban farm, combined, with an educational component. 

Jun 7, 15 6:03 pm

Robert Venturi, not really tacky.

Jun 7, 15 6:28 pm

I'd suggest combining unexpected programmatic elements: 

* homeless shelter + high-end restaurant

* post office + bar

* church + sex shop

* car repair shop + liquor store

Jun 7, 15 6:29 pm

Stupid idea


Farnsworth, House or Submarine? Pruitt Igoe, a Rush to Judgement? Increased Mental Illness in Occupants of Brutalist Buildings.

Jun 7, 15 6:38 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Volunteer love this one - Farnsworth, House or Submarine?

is this the inspirational image?

Jun 7, 15 7:41 pm

i think
Robert Venturi, not really tacky.
would be better as

venturi is almost alright

Jun 7, 15 8:06 pm

Building a better Brunch:  A Spatial Analysis

Housing for Hikikomori's and their Waifus

Catrik Meowmacher: Purrametrics and the City

Jun 7, 15 8:17 pm
Purrametrics is hilarious.

How about:

Giant Tubes: The Redundancy of Circulation in the Networked City.
Jun 7, 15 10:24 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Learning from HGTV

Jun 8, 15 7:04 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Bob the Builder and/or Peter Eisenman: a Practical DIY Deconstructionism and Suburbs in History to Memory - a Critical Projection of Deck Building and Paper Architecture

Jun 8, 15 7:08 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

what is concept?

Jun 8, 15 7:11 am

The fool proof method to being sane as possible while completing your thesis.



1- Determine the A-list or "reach" offices where you want to be employed and look at the work. Identify styles or trends (corporate neo-skyscrapers, co-working spaces, new urban space types,,etc).

2- Determine your "safeties" and look at the work they have completed. Look at the really messy stuff that no one wants on the website (eg. Toilet renovations at the local community college).

3- Find an appropriate "crisis" that is shared between the A list and the safeties (Plumbing chases and building circulation and public space).

4- Make a thesis that is so compelling that the A-list will take note ("Humble Spaces: Public Infrastructures for Private Bodily Functions").

The really important steps:

A- Is this a history (I am looking at how the historic relationship between lobby spaces and elevators creates "awkward moments," which require civil behavior that is similar to urban space)?

B- Is this a design (Restrooms are often overlooked as public spaces. This thesis explores how these spaces may be designed to interact with other "common spaces"  to address issues of of identity, gender and body that are commonly seenbon the street at the microscale of the skyscraper floorplate)?

That decision will help to push the format. Book versus drawings, drawings on a wall, drawings in a book, text formatting, etc. Is there a standard format in the school or program? Point being, imagine the finished product and let that help to frame deliverables.

Make a calendar of deliverables for yourself and be honest. If you aren't going to make that evocative section of the restrooms being used in 2 days, don't write that down as a deadline. And figure in time for corrections (shit happens).

The last point (which is the most important) is that you should love your topic. A thesis is a monster that will beat you up if you allow it to do so, and a topic you are not invested in is one way to head down the path of pain. 

And remember, the goal isn't to just make pretty renderings, but to make the A-list think of something they have always seen, just not "that way."

Jun 8, 15 9:14 pm

Gas House - Gas Chamber | Glass House mash-up.

Jun 8, 15 9:50 pm

a museum for cars that looks like a car.

Jun 8, 15 11:09 pm

The Brady/Libeskind Conundrum: Split-Level Raunch in an Epoch of Anthropocene Obscenity

Jun 9, 15 12:20 am
Non Sequitur
Musical Solution to Homelessness: Urban street furniture that converts into wind and percussion instruments.
Jun 9, 15 7:29 am

Waterproof cardboard boxes, a housing solution for student-loan debtors. There is the Bauhaus style (flat roof), the parametric (the sides lean in and out) the brutalist (really heavy cardboard with ice-pick holes for windows), and so forth.

Jun 9, 15 8:00 am

You guys are coming up with great ideas, here! I'm LOLing.

Patrik Schumacher, from his OpEd here: My idea is to focus on architecture’s communicative capacity via the re-foundation of architectural semiology as agent-based parametric semiology, utilizing a generalized crowd modelling – life process modelling – to explore how agents with frame-dependent behavioural scripts can be coordinated via information-rich environments. 

I feel like this is a longer explanation of the thesis idea I posted above: Giant Tubes: The Redundancy of Circulation in the Networked City.

Jun 9, 15 9:45 am
Non Sequitur

^ you had me at Giant Tubes.

Jun 9, 15 10:26 am

Parametricism 3.0

Jun 9, 15 10:34 am

Morphology of Crumpled Paper as a Systemic Design Basis for Architecture

Jun 9, 15 11:25 am

Wooden Dodecahedrons: New Cool Places to Sit.

Jun 9, 15 11:32 am

"Sure to Fail: A critique of the thesis advisor selection process."

Jun 9, 15 11:41 am

Less is a Chore: Contributing to Global Productivity

Jun 9, 15 12:21 pm

Can Midgets power the future? Human hamster wheels for a sustainable future + auto mall

Jun 9, 15 12:57 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

dirty ninjas practicing architecture.....straight out of dane-mart

Jun 9, 15 9:16 pm

Peking decorated duck + drive in. 

Jun 9, 15 9:24 pm

tintt, I think that you're on to something really profound, but we shouldn't forget that wooden dodecahedrons are also awesome for looking at, and maybe even standing in. I don't think that anyone should try to climb them, though; they don't seem that sturdy.

Jun 9, 15 10:15 pm

Stairway to Heaven: High Rise Abattoirs as a Complement to Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Jun 9, 15 10:23 pm

Architecture Because We Can

Jun 9, 15 10:48 pm

Modeling Virtual Reality: Using Virtual Reality to Model Virtual Reality.

Jun 9, 15 10:53 pm

Back Doors and Basement Bedrooms: Strategies For Keeping Domestic Staff Out Of Sight

Jun 9, 15 10:56 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Is Sven! better than Bjarke?

Jun 9, 15 10:59 pm

Why Building Code is Stupid and so is Your Mom

101 Ways to Design a Leaky Building using Parametrics

Jun 10, 15 6:22 pm

All Bjarke and no Bite: Ontology of Branding in Architecture.

Jun 10, 15 10:31 pm

Architecture - What is it good for?

by: Art Vandelay

Jun 10, 15 10:46 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

/\ now stuck in my head "war!" funk band sounds "what is it good for!" funk band sounds "absolutely nothin!" funk band sounds.....Edwin Stirr.....

Jun 11, 15 7:10 am

The Plants Always Win: Strategies for Destroying the Planet So We Can Stop Pulling Weeds

Jun 11, 15 8:51 am

Incentivized design of emergent hyperbolic markets via interactive synergies of dynamic equilibria, elastic morphologies, scalar rhizomatic grids and hybridized Neo-Fordist algorithms.

Jun 11, 15 9:21 am

I think that wins the thread Miles, er, I mean, Patrick

Jun 11, 15 11:20 am
Non Sequitur

"scalar rhizomatic grids"

Oh my...

Tip of the old cap to that one.

Jun 11, 15 11:48 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

a post critical analysis of Miles Jaffe's Chapter 5 of his post doctoral thesis mash-up with PS: Incentivized design of emergent hyperbolic markets via interactive synergies of dynamic equilibria, elastic morphologies, scalar rhizomatic grids and hybridized Neo-Fordist algorithms

Jun 11, 15 8:21 pm

rhizomatic projections and the cartesian grid, a socially responsible solution to those living under poverty level.

Jun 11, 15 9:38 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

 Rhizome! "We're tired of trees. We should stop believing in trees, roots, and radicles. They've made us suffer too much." Deleuze & Guattari. 



Jun 11, 15 10:20 pm

Covered Wagons in a there must be meaning to that.....scratchin head.

Jun 11, 15 10:53 pm

few of the current trending topics may be

1. Shelter designs for the disaster victims

2. Innovative Energy efficient Shelter homes 

Jun 12, 15 1:24 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

why architects do shelters now and not buildings and its economic indicator as shown on archinect salary poll

Jun 12, 15 6:36 am

Why Buildings Don't Matter: The Critical Importance of Theory In Architecture 

Jun 12, 15 12:06 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Miles you trumped you last thesis,fuckin A

Jun 12, 15 7:03 pm

OP1 All of your ideas are horrible.  

Jun 2, 19 3:54 pm

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