Odd Architectural Details

A ceramic tile canopy at Gramercy Park Towers on Third Ave.

Apr 30, 15 4:06 pm

Very Modernist  probably cast in place concrete but the cantilever swoops up to let more light in so the entrance is not too much in shadow. 

Odd maybe, use full yes!

Any guesses on the vintage?


Peter N

Apr 30, 15 5:21 pm

from the era of thin shell concrete, bummer we can't do that stuff anymore, $ + codes shut it down.

The king of odd details = Carlos Scarpa.  

Apr 30, 15 5:26 pm

Built 1964. 

Apr 30, 15 9:03 pm

Not “Odd” but pencil thin (Meier – Liberty Plaza, Mexico City)

Apr 30, 15 9:19 pm

Odd corner detail at Santa Maria della Pace by Donato Bramante

Apr 30, 15 9:39 pm

Frey House Dimmer Switch

Apr 30, 15 9:56 pm

wow...thats crazy

Apr 30, 15 10:07 pm

Davvid, (laughing), okay I get it, I'll see what I can dig up...

Miles, assume "stupid" qualifies.

Apr 30, 15 10:11 pm

How the hell did they do that?

May 1, 15 8:13 am

Wire run in a crack and parged in place with colored cement.

May 1, 15 9:09 am

no miles, three mexican dudes hollowed out the inside of the boulder from the bottom up, so they could run a single romex line to that switch. 

May 1, 15 9:25 am

super lite steel frame/furniture type inserts with cool drawings:

May 1, 15 9:37 am

^Beautiful, but not for child-centric USA

May 1, 15 9:42 am

hans hollein schullin jewelry shop - google it

May 1, 15 9:44 am

The Meier building canopy is more of an optical illusion as it is thicker at the back

as for the Bramante looks like something Revit would do to you.

Over ans OUT

Peter N

May 1, 15 9:53 am

super lite steel frame/furniture type inserts

I'll bet that thing sings when you walk on it.

May 1, 15 2:02 pm

^That is not a stair to try after a wild party. 

And this one is in San Francisco, I wonder how they got around the code....

May 1, 15 2:10 pm

Good question. Code is a bitch for stairs in NY.

May 1, 15 2:15 pm

Tell me this meets code, anywhere.

May 1, 15 2:18 pm

Miles, is that amazing curved canopy tied back above?  I can't see anything up there.

It's fantastic, as is Bramante's conjoined Ionic corbel.

(More threads like this, please!)

May 1, 15 2:33 pm

There is one (at least) big steel rib painted white on the top, you can see it here:

May 1, 15 2:45 pm
x intern

Loretto chapel spiral stair.  

May 1, 15 2:56 pm

Ah, there it is... very nice shape, and space underneath.

May 1, 15 3:27 pm

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