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Hey guys! 

Any landscape architects (or just plain vegetation enthusiasts) around here know a good place to find CAD blocks of plants and stuff? I was wondering if there was a specific site you guys go to..

Thanks in advance!

Apr 22, 15 3:38 pm

Has the ability to draw been rendered obsolete by the ability to download?

Apr 23, 15 12:22 pm  · 

^ exactly.   Plant symbols are very simple to draw.   In my experiance, the simpler the better.  complicated/detailed plant symbols look shitty.  A cirvle with an x...a hexagon....etc...

Apr 23, 15 12:41 pm  · 

Thanks for your advice of doing them myself,I would if I had more time left, but I meant trees in an elevation view (for a cross-section, etc), which would be considerably longer to do...

Apr 23, 15 8:01 pm  · 

^ Not with a pencil.

Apr 23, 15 8:13 pm  · 

This is not necessarily commentary on just this post, but do music forums mostly have people asking for good chord progressions to use in their next song?

I'm sure waiting for a reply would be longer than it takes to trace a tree in autocad, but in the vein of helping people I've found that this site has a pretty good collection of blocks:

Apr 23, 15 8:19 pm  · 

Keep in mind that plants respond to site conditions and can really influence the experience of a site. The planting scheme you want depends on the effect you're trying to create and the context of the siting. The topography, hydrology, climate, soil, and aspect are all vitally important. If you plop a shade and water loving tree next to a south facing facade, it's gonna fry. 

Consult a landscape architect. They are experts with this stuff. 

Apr 23, 15 8:47 pm  · 
Larchinect cad block exchange network

Apr 23, 15 10:09 pm  · 

Hello Chark:

Try in


May 11, 15 1:35 pm  · 
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Chark I personally sometimes take here, there are not bad I think Google has more information))

Apr 2, 20 8:48 am  · 

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