GSD MAUD vs. UCLA Thom Mayne: The Now Institute


Hello everyone,

I'm torn between choosing GSD MAUD or UCLA A.UD Thom Mayne: The Now Institute.

Yes, Harvard is a far more prestigious university and the GSD has its reputation. But I also believe UCLA might be better fit for me in terms of my long terms goals within the field of urbanism. Tom Mayne's program has a clear and tangible initiative, in comparison to Harvard's  true post professional program which allow students to have the flexibility to hand pick courses and create their own path (which is good also).

I guess my question is, how prestigious is the UCLA Thom Maynes studio?

They select 15 students every year for the studio and this years theme is a collaboration between multidisciplinary fields for the UCLA Grand Challenge. "the Now Institute will lead the spatial and disciplinary integration of Grand Challenge’s research and will play an important part in the final development of the collective’s urban strategies and proposal." Not to mention its a shorter program.. saves money and time.

Would really appreciate any advice/suggestions. 

Thank you!

Mar 19, 15 11:15 am

Hello! May I know which program did you choose? Coz I am on the waitlist of gad maud program. Thank you very much!

Apr 24, 19 1:48 pm

Just letting this thread know that Mayne's Now Institute will be moved to SCI-Arc as of 2019

Apr 24, 19 5:32 pm

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