How is the two year M.Arch. program at UIUC?

Hey folks,

I'm an international undergarduate (B.Arch.) and have applied to a number of unis for the accredited two year M.Arch. course in the USA. The situation so far is something like this-


UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)

ASU (Arizona State University)

UNCC (University of North Carrolina at Charlotte)


Taubman, UMich ( university of Michigan at Ann Arbor)

very hurt by the rejection, but anyway.


Vtech (Virginia Tech)

Texas A&M

KADK (Royal danish Academy for Fine Arts) << this ones in Copenhagen, denmark


I think the best institute so far that I've achieved is UIUC (Illinois), but I have read some negative reviews about the university in general. I still think it should be a good experience there, and which is why 'd like to ask everybody their views about the university, the campus and life around, the course itself, the work opportunities afterwards and the reputation of the course!


Mar 8, 15 11:22 am
Hey I'm at UIUC right now in the undergraduate program. I would say the graduate program is pretty solid here. It's not going to be like Tubman college but there are really cool things that are happening. You can also take the structures focus in the graduate program which will allow you to be a registered engineer in the Midwest. The studio spaces are pretty nice in comparison to some other school that are around the same rank. I think it's important that if you go here make sure you take studio with professors with similar interests. Also a lot of graduates end up at some top firms. One of my friends is working at BIG this summer. Message me if you end up going here and I can tell you about professors and other stuff.
Mar 8, 15 11:36 am  · 

I went to U of I Champaign Urbana, it has no more specialties and no thesis so the only projects you do for all 4 semesters are the ones chosen by the studio instructors, our class was the last  to have a thesis project we had to threaten legal action just to get them to uphold the contractual obligation to allow us to finish the program and curriculum we entered. 

If Chasco is still the director down there I would go someplace else, we and a lot of the alumni at the time did not care fore his leadership or lack there of.

Always chose a school that will let you design projects that you want to have in your portfolio as you start your career. Doing museums and nature centers will not help your career if you want to work in the majority of firms that do work other than museums and nature centers.


U of I Chicago has in addition to an accredited Architecture Program, a very good urban planning program, and is in a world class city with lots of career opportunities right at your fingertips, If I had to chose I would go to Chicago

Over and OUT

Peter N

Mar 9, 15 2:22 pm  · 

Hi everyone, 

I have recently received admission letters from the following universities for the M.Arch 2 years course:



3) Virginia Tech 

4) ASU

As an international student,  I'm looking more into "location,  education and ranking" for our field. Could anyone suggest me the best to opt for?

I have some time constraints, as the session starts in the Fall. Any help would be really appreciated :)

May 4, 21 12:29 am  · 

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